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Today’s haul – January 30th

Wow… it really feels like a long time ago that I began this day. And I guess it was seeing as how it is 9pm and I began working at 9am today. It wasn’t all work, of course, but still. A long day.

I headed for the farthest Goodwill this morning after I dropped off my son to preschool because I haven’t been there since well before Christmas and it was nearby the discount grocery store I had on the agenda for today.

I’m glad I stopped because they had some goodies!

The first thing you probably notice about the picture above is the HUGE basketball game in the back. That game retails for $189.99 and I couldn’t believe my eyes when they had it marked for only $20.99. It is a salvage donation from Target (which means it was a return or the box was damaged). I inspected it and it’s brand new! I had thought I would sell it but we are planning to remodel our basement and it would make a really fun addition down there so we decided at that price we couldn’t pass up keeping it.

I did manage to find some good stuff to SELL too though… 🙂

I found some new Light Brite sets that were $3.97 each and listed at $22.95, $35, and $45.

Also some good plush!

The Warner Brothers Tom ($.97 and listed for $35), Jerry ($1.97 and listed for $45), and Leprechaun Tweety ($1.97 and listed for $35).

The Kohls Cares Mouse ($1.97 and listed for $35) and Bunny ($1.97 and listed for $24.99).

The Zoomer Zuppie ($8.99 and listed for $35) – I barely managed to keep him away from my daughter but she honestly has too many “friends” as it is.

The Boyd’s Bear dressed like a bee – paid $2.97 and listed for $35.

Only one dud from GW – a puzzle I couldn’t find and decided to add to our puzzle pile here at the house.

Then I hit a discount store called The Sharp Shopper which I love. I go weekly to stock up on snacks and things for the house and forgot that I should be checking for inventory. Glad I thought of it today because I stumbled onto some fancy dry cat food that is selling on Amazon for $25 a bag and paid only $3.99 a bag. I picked up 10 bags and will probably grab more next week if it is still there. I also found a Nestle Assortment of chocolate retailing on Amazon for $38 and paid $8.99. The rank on this one is zero but there are no FBA sellers. I just picked up the one and will see if it sells before I buy any more.

While I was there my cell reception cut out and I couldn’t scan anything else but there were some things I thought might be winners so I picked them up to test at home. I was wrong on every single one! So the $1.49 Pop Tarts, two packs of $1.99 Jerky, 2 bottles of 99 cent BBQ sauce, and $2.99 bag of yogurt granola snacks will be eaten by us instead of sent to FBA. Better luck next time!

The Bottom line between the two stores was:

Total items: 25
Buy Cost: $83.47
Sales Value: $735.94
Net Profit: $448.75

I also received in a big wholesale order today and got that all listed. It should not have taken me that long but because I had to create listings for 17 new to Amazon items and all of the items have to be polybagged it took a lot longer than usual. And to make it worse I was out of UPC numbers and had to buy more on Ebay and while they were awesome and made getting them to me a priority there was a couple hour delay while I was waiting to receive them. Hence, the reason I am sitting her at almost 9:30 (dangerously close to my bedtime lol) and writing this blog post.

But, it’s done. Phew. And here is that bottom line for today:

Total items listed: 160
Total Buy Cost: $560
Total Sales Value: $2286
TOtal New Profit: $986.30

I normally eek out more profit on these but I decided to drop my price a little to see if they turn over faster. If not I’ll put them back up a few more dollars. I’m playing around with my wholesale pricing right now to try and find the sweet spot between decent profit and quick turnover so I can really grow this part of my business.

Well, that is it for this girl today. I didn’t get the boxes closed out and labeled like I wanted to but I can do that over the weekend and still be fine to get them out Monday morning.

Have a great weekend!!!

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