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Today’s Haul – February 10th

**Edited to ad – I am having trouble posting the picture of today’s haul so until I do use your imagination to envision a table laden with goodies to sell**

Actually, it’s yesterdays thrifting but I got it listed today so I’m calling it today. 🙂

Take a good look at the picture above. On the table you will see one of my very favorite things to find: Big Bags of Plush! One local Goodwill tends to grab anywhere from 5 to 20 plush at a time and stick them in one big grab bag marked $2.97 each. I love these. So much. I will only take them if I can be sure at least one item in the bag is a something I can sell but most of the time there are at least a few. And I almost always come away with a few extras that I either didn’t notice in the bags or didn’t realize were worth anything and wouldn’t have picked up normally.

To get the per plush price on these I usually just take the total cost for all bags and divide by the number of sellable plush.

It was a good trip! The best finds of the day were:

Kohls Cares Plush: Snoopy and Cleo – paid 97 cents and $1.97 and listed for $35 each.

Boyds Blackbelt Bear – Paid 97 cents and listed for $35.

Figment Plush (from Epcot) – paid 97 cents and listed for $35.

Disney Store TIgger – paid $2.97 and listed for $35.

Nocturnimals Fox – paid 97 cents and listed for $45.

The Brown Bag Cookie Art Molds – paid $2.97 each and listed for $25 and $35.

I really lucked out with a few of my finds! The True Hero Pirate Ship that I paid $9.97 for will easily sell for $85, the Talking Hug Me Scooby Plush I paid $2.97 for and listed for $55, and the Madagascar Talkin Marty which I paid $2.97 for and listed for $75 are all home runs. Yay!

The only “dud” was the dog harness that I paid $6.97 for $1. It was only selling for about $12 and I decided that if it could help us more easily walk our big moose of a Boxer, Sophie, that it was worth keeping.

Let’s look at the bottom line:

Total items listed: 40

Total Buy Cost: $68.62

Total Sales Value: $900.48

Total Net Profit: $571.06

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