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Today’s haul – December 5th

Hello all!

I shopped this trip and listed it yesterday but forgot to hop on here and post about it – ooops!

I visited four Goodwills and found some goodies at a few of them. Let’s take a look!

The best finds of the day:

The Hallmark Peanuts Musical Snowglobe – I paid $4.97 and listed it for $55.

The Noma Dickensvale House – I paid $3.97 listed for $50.

I found a really cool Winnie the Pooh Cookie Jar and paid $3.97 for it. This will be a “long tail” item but it should sell when the right buyer finds it for $65.

The Lemax Lighted Gazebo – paid $2.97 and listed for $35 (I’ve sold this same gazebo a few times before).

Another great item to look for when you are out and about are Wilton cake pans. I don’t find them that often but when I do I usually grab them. Yesterday I was lucky not only to find three Christmas themed ones from year back but they were all in pristine condition and with the original inserts telling how to decorate the finished cakes. Wow!! And even better they priced them at only $2.97 each. I listed them for $18, $17.50, and $35.

And I found MORE of those fabulous Hallmark singing snowmen!! This time they were displayed on a shelf at the largest Goodwill in our area. I almost ran over to them but managed to keep myself to a respectable and nonchalant walk… lol. All three were in the best condition I’ve ever found them at a Goodwill and looked as if they came right off the shelf of a Hallmark, brand new. And all three worked great so I didn’t have to test them with my own batteries when I got home. Score! They priced them at $4.97 each and I listed them for $65, $105, and $125. I’ve sold the $65 one before but the other two are ones I have never come across in my travels. I took the prices based on those of other sellers so we will see how they do but with the fairly low ranks I am optimistic.

Along with these stellar finds there were some duds (and some stuff I decided I couldn’t part with).

First here is what I kept for myself:

The Lenox holiday tealight – so cute and only $2.97.

The Applause Rudolph Mug – I thought it would be a great add on to the gift bag I put together for our mail lady or UPS driver. I usually do a mug of some sort, gift card, and something sweet.

The Williams Sonoma Wreath Bundt Pan – this was a bit expensive ($12.97) and I could sell it and make about a $10 profit but I really loved it and don’t have anything like it in my own collection. I decided to keep it and use it to make dessert for our Christmas eve dinner.

There were three things that didn’t work once tested at home:

The Chantilly Lane bear – paid $1.97

The Imagine Nation Storytelling Bear – paid $2.97

The animated Coke bear – paid $3.97

Still the wins more than made up for the losses – let’s look at the bottom line:

Total items listed: 23

Total Buy Cost: $104.31

Total Sales Value: $861.49

Total Net Profit: $548.32

I shopped for 3 hours and it only took me 2 hours to get it all listed and prepped yesterday so a total of 5 hours giving me a potential net profit of $109.66 and just eeking over my goal of $100 an hour on days I work. Woohoo!

I’ll be back on Monday with a new update! I somehow lost a week thinking next week was the week before Christmas so I think my earlier idea of stopping next Tuesday can be extended a couple days. I do have a busy week next week with holiday gatherings and helping in the kids classes during the morning hours so every day will be a bit lighter than normal but I think I will be working until Thursday now. And I may keep up with just a once a week (Monday’s) trip for good measure until Christmas and then take that full week off. It is so hard to sit back and stop sending items in when they are selling like they are!

At any rate, have a fabulous weekend and I’ll be back Monday with more goodies!

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