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Today’s haul – December 4th

I had quite the busy morning but still managed to fit in three (quick) stops and found some goodies!

The best of the bunch:

The Thomas Kinkade puzzle – paid 97 cents and listed for $45.

I found two Anchor Hocking punch bowl sets – I have sold these before and they are worth a good amount – paid $9.97 for one and listed for $75 and $4.97 for the other (at the same Goodwill, go figure) and listed for $55.

I also lucked into three Department 56 lighted houses. These are the best that I have found to sell … very collectible. In fact, one GW in the area has some out for $30 plus. But, luckily the one I found all three at today marked them at $6.97, $6.97, and $4.97. I listed them for $35, $65, and $55.

And I found two more of the singing Hallmark Snowmen!! One was the piano guy so I was especially happy. I paid $4.97 for him and listed for $55 (because the battery cover is missing) and paid only $2.97 for another version and listed it at $65.

I found two Hallmark ornaments that were worthwhile too … a snowbuddy snowman and a Tonka one. They were 97 cents each and listed for $35 and $20.

At one store I found a bundle of unopened Mickey Mouse border – there were four bundled together for $2.97 total. I listed each one individually for $20 each.

I got a handful of decent plush too…mostly $1.97 each and most listed for $20 -$35.

Only one real Dud – the Barbie ornament – she was 97 cents too but was only selling for around $5 so only about a 50 cent profit. The Dimensions Santa ornament had to come out of the batch because Amazon flagged it Hazmat.

Let’s look at the bottom line!

Total items listed: 27

Total Buy cost: $110.10

Total Sales Value: $630.15

Total net profit: $630.15

I thrifted for about 2 hours and listed for another two making for a four hour work day and a respectable $157.53 an hour rate in potential profit. Well worth the stops!

This time of year is hard for me … on one hand things are selling left and right (lots of my big ticket items are flying out the door) and I am getting really big paychecks from Amazon. On the other hand, I am starting to feel like I need a break and to take some time to focus on the holidays… after all that is what this is all about, being able to earn money but still take whatever time I need (or want) for my family. I think what I have decided is that I am going to turn my grocery orders off after Monday and probably make Tuesday my last official work day until the New Year. But, I’ll be back with at least a few more updates before then!

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  1. Hi Stacy! I have about 30 items that I thrifted to ship to Amazon and I created shipments for them, but they have me sending them to five different addresses. Is that typical or am I doing something wrong? Do I need to find smaller boxes? Also, where do you get your bags for your plush with the suffocation warning on them? I appreciate any advice.

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