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Today’s haul – December 3rd

Hello there!

It was a quick trip today because I wasn’t feeling so well this morning but I did manage to get out to a couple stores before my son was done preschool. I’m glad I did too because even though the trip was short the finds were sweet!

The best finds were:

More Hallmark Musical Plush!! I found three ,including the ever popular snowman playing the piano, for $4.97 each and listed them for $45, $95, and $95.

The Crazy Cat Lady action figure (this made me lol) for $2.97 and listed for $35.

The Vintage Anchor Hocking Punch Set – paid $4.97 and listed for $75.

The Mr. Christmas Mickey’s Clock Shop – paid $9.97 and listed this baby for $135 (with a pretty low sales rank)!

The Ronald McDonald Picture Frame – I think this might be a good find because I can’t find it ANYWHERE and these type of niche things can make great gifts and sell for a lot. I paid $1.97 and decided on $45 as the list price.

A couple of good plush – the Elmo Gund police officer and the Bert Swimsuit plush – paid .97 cents each and listed for $35 each.

And I found two Original Little People Musical Animated Caroling dolls by Display Arts. They are huge (24″) and in huge boxes with open window fronts and they are beautiful. I could only find the boy online at all (they are a boy and girl in complimentary velvet outfits) but I noticed that similar items were going for fairly high prices on Ebay and since there are none of these at all on Amazon I shot even higher than that with my pricing. They were $15.97 each (which even the lady at Goodwill checking me out was surprised at since this particular GW tends to price collectibles high) and I listed them for $105 for the boy and $95 for the girl (she is missing the light bulb in her candle).

No duds today! Woo hoo!

The bottom line shapes up like this:

Total items listed: 19

Total Buy Cost: $92.43

Total Sales Value: $1004.85

Total Net Profit: $684.57

I only shopped for about 2 hours and listed for about 2 hours so 4 hours total today. A light day ,for sure, but still eeked out a potential net profit of $171.14 an hour.

Tomorrow will be another light day because I am meeting a friend for coffee in the morning (yay!) and have some grocery orders to fill after that and before I can hit the thrifts but I plan to hit at least one or two. See you tomorrow!

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