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Today’s haul – December 2nd

Ok, I couldn’t stay away…lol! I dropped my little guy to preschool and headed out to run some errands and visit lots of thrift stores (5 today!!!).

I found some cool stuff, too! Here is a look at some of my favorites:

Hands down the best find of the day was a Lenox Snoopy and his doghouse Christmas cookie jar. I love it so much it hurt to part with it a little but since I already have a cookie jar for the holidays AND because there is nobody else selling it on Amazon and it has a low sales rank I felt confident listing it at $95. So, parted with it I did! Not bad for a item that only cost me $6.97!!

I also found two Heartland Village lighted houses – one a school house for $3.97 (listed for $55) and the other a fire hall (listed for $45).

Another great find was the Macy’s jumbo snoopy plush – 27 inches tall – I paid $1.97 for him and listed for $65.

In other plush news….I found a Thidwick Dr. Suess plush from 1983 for $2 (listed for $45), a 1983 Kenner Ewok plush for 97 cents (listed for $75), and a jumbo Rocky (from Rocky and Bullwinkle) plush with a holiday cap and scarf for $1.97 (listed for $45).

I also found a vintage set of 10 Pfaltzgraff glasses in the Christmas Heritage pattern for $9.97 and listed it for $65.

No real duds but I did decide to keep the Darth Vader nutcracker (because he is AWESOME) which I paid $2.97 for and the Muppets Hallmark ornament from 1980 is being flagged Hazmat by Amazon so that got sidelined for now.

There were a few things that I need to create listings for and ran out of time so I am holding them for another day.

But, what I did get listed, boxed, and scheduled for shipment made for a good one day haul! Here is my bottom line:

Total items listed: 36

Total Buy Cost: $99.95

Total Sales Value: $1236.13

Total Net Profit: $835.24

I had some errands that kept me from spending the whole time thrifting this morning but I got in a good 3 1/2 hours and listing with prep took up about 2 1/2 for a total of 6 hours work time. So, that puts me at about $139.20 an hour in potential profit. Sounds good to me!!


  1. Any tips on how to ship glasses like the 12 days of Christmas ones you’ve been finding to Amazon? I’ve been hesitant to purchase any glassware for Amazon.

    Thanks for the blog and the books…lots of good info!

    • Hi Beth! Thank you for the kind words!!! I have been lucky to find the two sets I have in their original boxes and they are well packaged with cardboard between each glass and a good, snug fit. I just ship them over to Amazon like that and it’s been fine so far (knock on wood). I don’t often buy loose pieces. When I have in the past I put them in a poly bag with lots and lots of bubble wrap around them and try to nestle them in with lots of plush to pad them even more. I haven’t tried a set of loose and breakable items. Maybe try one of those shipping boxes made for glasses when you move? I’ve seen them at Lowes but I’m not sure the cost. I hope that helps!!

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