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Today’s haul – December 1st

I’m back!!! After a lovely holiday (well, partly … partly it was a weekend of being home with sick kids) I managed to get out today for a few hours. The kids were off from school (the first day of hunting season is a big deal in these parts) but my son’s preschool had a camp and I took advantage of it to both give them a fun morning and me three hours to do some thrifting. And thrift I did! I managed to make it to four Goodwill’s and was back in plenty of time to pick up the kiddos.

It was a pretty good day. The stores are full from the Black Friday push and I scored a bunch of treasures.

The highlights:

I found a ton of unopened puzzles but honestly all but one were mediocre profit – the exception was the JFK puzzle by Schmid that I paid $4.97 for and listed for $45.

The new in the box NCBE Flashcards (these are Bar Exam questions for studying or to accompany a board game about the Bar Exam) – I paid $4.97 and listed for $75.

The Illustory set – I have sold these before for decent profit but for some reason the listings new had it up in the $200 range. I think that is overzealous and listed mine for $45 (paid $3.97).

The Williams Sonoma Piecrust cutters in Fall shapes – almost kept this for myself but let’s be honest … baking is not really my strong suit. Paid $1.97 and listed for $35 which is way overpriced for these but nobody else has them in stock and you never know.

The Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore animated Christmas sleigh – new in box – paid $6.97 and priced under the lowest FBA at $69.50.

I scored a bunch of Schmid Hummel Christmas plates. I have sold the Peanuts line of these plates before so I am hoping these do just as well. I paid $2.97 each and picked up 8 of them. Listed prices ranged from $15 to $45.

I was thrilled to pick up more of those Hallmark singing plush that have been selling like crazy and for crazy high prices. I got another of the Piano Snowman that I have been selling steadily for $75 each for $4.97. I only listed this one for $45 because the battery cover is missing (I noted that very clearly). I got two others (different styles) for $4.97 each and listed them for $55 and $75.

The Macy’s Snoopy plush in knit hat an scarf – paid $1.97 and listed for $45.

The King Louie plush from Disney Parks – paid $1.97 and listed for $45.

The Playboy Bunny head pillow – paid $4.97 and listed for $55.

The Santa Pepsi plush – paid $3.97 and listed for $55.

I found a vintage Bucilla ornament kit – these sell well this time of year – and paid $1.97. Listed for $35.

There were some duds:

The Arthur and Steve action figures (I picked up two of these for 97 cents each) only were listing new around $4 and mean a loss of about 50 cents each after fees. I decided it wasn’t worth sending them and let the kids have them.

The Snow Buddies Hallmark ornament would have been a score at $1.97 had the right ornament been in the box. Ugh.

The cereal Bee plush had a bad stain on his foot that I didn’t see. He came in a huge bag of plush I picked up for $3.97 so not a big deal. Into the trash he went.

The bottom line:

Items listed: 42

Total paid: $141.07

Total Sales Value: $1383.46

Total Net Profit: $897.86

I shopped for 3 hours and prepped and listed for about 2 1/2. So, my total potential profit per hour for today came in at a nice $163.24 an hour. Not a bad Monday at all!!

I am still not sure of my plan for the rest of this week …. part of me thinks another week of thrifting is smart as things are selling really fast right now and I have good amount of money coming in to fund these trips. The other part thinks I’m tired and there is so much in the house I want to get organized. So, we’ll see which wins out but I suspect I’ll be out at least some days this week and back with more to report very soon!

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