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Today’s Haul – August 30th

So… I am still working out the kinks. I did make my thrifting run shorter this morning (hit 2 Salvation Armies and 1 Savers) and got home before 2 but by I only had time to list what I bought today and didn’t get to touch the stuff I didn’t get to yesterday.

I am thinking I might thrift again tomorrow and then take Thursday off to catch up on listing everything and boxing things up. That way I can get the shipment out for UPS Friday before the holiday weekend and start fresh. It is hard staying home after the whole summer off … it is so fun to be back out there again.

I found some REALLY good finds today which I will share with you in one big post later in the week. Christmas stuff is starting to slowly filter in to the stores which is always great to see and I found a few vintage appliance type things that had a really nice profit as well as some vintage glasses and Snoopy stuff. Yay!

Be back soon!!

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