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Today’s Haul – August 28th

Happy Friday!

I, for one, am very happy the weekend is upon us! I’m looking forward to regrouping with the kids and entertaining some friends from high school on Sunday that I haven’t seen in a very long time.

But, first things first and today was a work day for me. I had to take care of some routine lab work first thing after the bus left and then I made my way to three thrift stores before Kindergarten pickup.

The first store I visited was the Salvation Army. I must say that their pricing is ALL OVER THE PLACE. Some things were priced as if it were a retail store and not a thrift store. I’m not sure what the deal is other than maybe a lot of resellers frequent the store and they are trying to cash in too. With such high prices on some items I was careful to scan before I put items in my cart but I still found some winners. The best thing I stumbled on were a bunch of brand new, still shrink wrapped board games. The strange thing was that some were marked at $12.99 each and others $2.99 and it seemed the higher priced ones were not going for much on Amazon while the $2.99 ones were. So, I left those higher priced ones on the shelf and grabbed three games and one puzzle that were marked $2.99 each (listed for $25. $25, $35 and $45).

I picked up a Shaun White Skateboard Mount that was marked $9.99. After seeing that it was in the Amazon catalog but there were no sellers (and no other Shaun White mounts on Amazon) I decided that it was worth the price and grabbed it (listed at $45).

I also found 3 plush worth buying: Spongebob Fighter Plush (paid $1.99 – listed for $45) and Rasta Scooby (paid $1.99 and listed for $35). I also found an Aristocat Belioz plush in a bag with other plush marked $4.99. There other plush were worthless but Belioz is from the Disney store and bigger than the other two listed on Amazon so he was a definite find. I decided to list just under the smaller Belioz price and put him at $75. Apparantly this character is hard to find so it should sell well.

After Salvation Army I swung by a Goodwill nearby. I was just there yesterday and they didn’t add much since my visit. I found two plush that were going to net me about $20 between them but wound up putting them back after another customer let me know that the line I was standing in to pay wasn’t the “main” line. This particular store always does two lines (one on each side of the counter) but for some reason today the customers lined up all jammed by the door and in an aisle to wait by one register and not split between the two. I wasn’t paying attention and didn’t realize this… oops! I decided to put the plush back rather than wait because waiting would have meant skipping the next Goodwill and it didn’t seem worth it for two mediocre plush.

I’m glad I didn’t wait!! At the second Goodwill I only found a few things but one of them was a Link Sys PCI adapter that I paid $4.97 for and listed for $85 (well under the other two FBA sellers for the item). My husband is always amazed that people buy things like this and for so much but the sales rank is extremely low on this item and based on other experiences I am confident it will sell. And fast. They call it “Dead Tech” and it can be very profitable!

I also found a Precious Moments figurine that was $2.97 and listed for $35.

I had a few duds today, unfortunately.

The first two were duds because they were flagged Hazmat by Amazon. The one was an Avon Perfume bottle so that one makes sense. I should have known that wouldn’t be accepted. But, I listed it MF because the price was worth it and I’ll just hold it aside until it sells. The other Hazmat was the Raggedy Ann Christmas Ornament which obviously is NOT Hazmat so I’ll just have to wait for them to clear it and then I can send her in.

The other dud was the Metal earth 3D Model Set. This is where I am reluctant to buy opened boxes and prefer new but in this case it seemed easy enough to check if the pieces were there and it was selling for enough money to make it worth my while. But, when I got home I found it was missing pieces for 2 of the 4 models so I tossed it. It was a $4.99 mistake which I hate but in the big picture I still did great so I’m not going to dwell on it.

Today’s Bottom Line:

Total Items Listed: 11

Total Buy Cost: $43.85

Total Sales Value: $464.95

Total Net Profit: $318.35

I spent about 2 hours shopping and 1 hour listing (I had to create a couple new listings and took my time today). So, at the end of the day I have a potential net profit about $106.11 per hour for my three hours of work.

Now, I just need to box up this weeks purchases for UPS (all split between two shipments so it should be easy to do) and drop it all off tomorrow morning.

I’ll be back later for a week-end update before the weekend. See you soon!

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