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Today’s Haul – August 27th


I had a very productive morning … first swinging by two grocery stores to fill those orders before heading out to the Goodwills. Somehow I made it to three of them before it was time to pick up my son and head out to lunch with one of my best friends and her son. Whew!

But, just because I made to to three stores I didn’t find as much as I did at the two stores I visited yesterday. You just never know! Luckily, it was still worth my while (and I had a fun morning) but as you can see from the picture above not as big of a haul as I’d like.

The best find of the day is the large Stitch Plush from the Disney Store. I know from past experience that Stitch plush sell fast and for good money so I knew to snatch him right up. I paid $1.97 for him and listed for $75.00.

That was my really only stellar find but the rest weren’t bad. I was thrilled to find a bag of 18 sewing patterns for only $3.97 but only 6 of them were able to be sold (I only sell uncut patterns). Still I’ll make about $30 off them total so not a bad find even if I couldn’t keep them all.

The William Sonoma Sesame Street Cookie Molds look like they will be a good seller (paid $3.97 and listed for $35) and the Shrek dolls I paid $3.97 for both and listed for $25 each.

The only duds were the cut sewing patterns that I wound up tossing and luckily they didn’t cost much.

So, let’s take a look at my bottom line for today:

Total items listed: 13

Total Sales Value: $279.57

Total Buy Cost: $16.31

Total Net Profit: $184.30

I spent about an hour and a half shopping/driving and about an hour listing (those patterns took some time to go through.

Potential hourly rate: 73.72

Under my target of making at least $100 an hour but since I was so far over that goal yesterday I’m cool with that. 🙂 Still a good week so far!

I still have to box up some grocery orders but at least the main part of my work day is done… and with 10 minutes to spare before my girls get off the bus!

See you tomorrow!

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