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Today’s Haul – August 26th

Hello all! I am very, very happy to report that I am back!!

Today was the first day of school for my three kiddos (that is my handsome hubby working from home in the background so he can be there to pick up our kindergartner from his first day). I only have a couple hours each morning but it should be enough to hit a store or two and get my inventory plumped up for 4th quarter.

I decided to start today with the closest Goodwill and a quick trip to Weis to fill some grocery orders. It took me a little longer to go through the store than usual (about 45 minutes) because I haven’t been there in forever. Next trip should go faster and maybe leave time to visit a second store. I also relied on my scanner more today than I usually do because as I said it has been awhile and I am trying to limit the number of duds I have to deal with.

But, all in all not a bad first day!

Here’s how I did!

The best find of the day wer the Spode Covered Candy dish and the Toddler Bedding set. I paid $2.97 for the Spode piece and I know from experience that these sell well and for good money. Sears has the same one new right now for about $65 and I am going to be the only seller on Amazon right now with that exact pattern. I decided to price at $49.99 because although it is in excellent condition the box shows some wear. The toddler bedding set is brand new and a Target write off. I paid $12.99 and there is only one other FBA seller asking about $70. I priced just under them at $65 hoping to move it quickly.

That dog puppet plush is a guy called Wrinkles from the 1980’s. I don’t remember him myself but others obviously do because I have sold him a few times in the past couple years and always pick him up when I see him. I paid $1.97 for him and listed at $35 because he is missing a button on his overalls (normally I would list at $45).

I am very happy that thanks in large part to my scanner I didn’t have a single dud today… but I know they will come.

Let’s look at the bottom line!

Total items listed: 9

Total Buy Cost: $33.77

Total Sales Value: $287.12

Total Net Profit: $177.11

Pretty good for about an hour total work! And now I’m wrapping up for the day and heading out to get my little guy. See you all tomorrow with a new update!

As always, please feel free to email me or ask in the comments if you have a question about a specific item (or anything else). I touch on the best finds of the bunch but I am always happy to talk more about anything you have questions on.

And don’t forget my books are all free for download today through Sunday. Just click on the pictures on the side of my blog and it will take you to the page for ordering your own copy. Happy reading!!


  1. So glad you are back!

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