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Today’s Haul – August 26th – Take 2

Surprise!! I got a second trip in on my first day back to thrifting!!

Since my hubby is working from home today I decided to take my little guy out thrifting after lunch (shopping with one kid I can manage … all three not so much). We hit a Goodwill that usually has a lot of plush and it did not disappoint.

The highlights of the trip were:

The Jeff Gordon Model Car – the box was open but the pieces are all still sealed in plastic. I paid $9.97 (ouch) but listed it for $45.

The Barney in PJ’s – I paid 97 cents for this guy and new it was a steal because I have sold him before. For $55. So, I put him up for $55 again and since I am the only seller and the ranking is still pretty low I expect him to sell fairly quickly.

The Build a Bear 20 inch Grinch with light up heart – This guy was a steal at $1.97. He is in excellent condition and his heart lights up perfectly. I knew Grinch merchandise tends to sell well but I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the fairly low rank (for a Christmas item) and that he was selling for over $100. The only other FBA seller has him listed for $125 so I went a bit under at $115. Awesome!!

If you Give a Cake a Cupcake Kohls Cares Plush – If you have been reading my blog for any length of time you know I love these Kohls Cares Plush. They are very popular since they are really cute and popular characters and only cost $5 at Kohls. I think they sell so well later because they become a beloved item to a child and are hard to find after they are gone from the stores. And they also make great gifts for kids who like the various books that they go with. I got this one for $1.97 and listed him for $35. This is the price I usually put them at unless they are super rare and they always sell.

The Classic Eloise Backpack – Eloise merchandise is another winner. I didn’t even scan her because I knew an Eloise themed plush backpack would sell and she was in great condition. Once I got home I found that she is actually pretty rare and hard to find. I had to create a listing on Amazon and I put her at $49.99 (paid $4.97). She is missing a book she was supposed to be holding or I would have listed higher – probably around $75.

The only duds were some plush that were in with others that I wanted in grab bags. Only a couple worthless things and I gave them to my daughters (my middle daughter loves Furreal pets and was thrilled to get a new puppy one!).

Ok, lets look at the bottom line for this trip:

Total items listed: 21

Total Buy Cost: $80.37

Total Sales Value: $893.67

Total Net Profit: $613.10

Woohoo!! This trip took me a bit longer (remember I had a 5 year old with me) and I spent about an hour at the store (although to be fair it wasn’t all shopping for work … some was shopping for him and the household). Once home it took me about an hour to list because I had to create three new listings and do some research. But, still that puts me at a potential hourly wage of $306.55 so I’d call it a success.

And with that I’ll wrap up a great first day back and wish you all a great evening. Happy thrifting!!

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