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Today’s Haul – April 28th


I decided to take a ride to North Kingstown and check out the Salvation Army there and I am so glad I did. It’s the biggest and nicest one I have found so far and they had a nice toy section. That and the Savers will definitely be two of my frequent stops going forward!

Today’s haul is technically two days because I picked up the Santa plush, the Wilton Cookie Tray, and the Nascar Truck at Savers yesterday while I was there poking around for some cute summer dresses (in an attempt to pretend it is a lot warmer here than it has been lol). I was so wrapped up in my own shopping I totally forgot to even check out the toy section (Duh!) but I did look through the household section and that is where I found those few items. I didn’t bother doing a post yesterday though since it was so sparse of a trip (re-selling wise anyway).

Before I get to what I listed there were a few duds that I wound up keeping:

The Geist Junior Board game I had never heard of but since it was brand new I grabbed it. I paid $2.99 and it is only selling new for $5. Oops! But, it looks like a really cool game so I decided to keep it to play with the kids.

The small Chewbacca plush – he was from 1997 and I thought he might be worth alot (I paid 99 cents for him). Unfortunately there were two versions (one with a brown belt and one with a black belt) and this version is not worth much. But, since we just did my little guys new room with a Star Wars theme I figured he would love him …. and he did!

The Pinkie Pie plush – I paid 99 cents for and probably could have listed for $10 but I realized that I was giving the Chewbacca to Aidan and had found a pink monkey astronaut for Paige (who collects pink Monkeys) so to be fair I am giving her to my big My Little Pony fan, Sarah.

The Care Bear Baby – I paid 49 cents for this little bear but can’t sell him because he is missing a diaper which I didn’t realize that he came with and the sound button inside doesn’t work. I’m going to toss him in the trash.

This just goes to show that even with experience you can still make mistakes on plush. But, luckily they are often so low priced that it isn’t an expensive mistake.

The rest I was able to list:

The Wilton Dog Bone/Twisted Rope Cookie tray – paid $1.99 and listed for $45.

The Nascar Truck – paid $7.99 for and listed for $55.

The Madagascar Gorilla – paid 99 cents and listed for $45.

The Rudolph Santa plush – paid $2.99 and listed for $25.

The Kohls Cares Snoopy – I have sold a bunch of these but this is the first I have found in Mint condition with the original tags. Woohoo! I paid $1.99 for him and listed for $45.

The Rescue Pet – I thought this would be worth more than it was but I still did ok paying 99 cents and listing for $25.

And believe it or not but I found ANOTHER Zambi the Baby Elephant Furreal Friend. These must have been very popular in Rhode Island because that just seems crazy to find so many in such a short time after not finding any in the years prior! I paid $1.99 for him and listed for $95 as I did with the other two. Maybe one day I’ll find one new in the box and can list it for a few hundred! 🙂

The bottom line:

Total items listed: 7

Total Buy Cost: $20.44

Total Sales Value: $334.98

Total Net Profit: $248.64.

It is hard to estimate how much time I spent on this haul but my best guess is about an hour shopping and travelling and a half hour listing which gives me a potential hourly rate of $165.76.

I finally got my printer up and running this morning. I am thinking I might make a trip to Savers and possibly another store or two (there are a couple small thrifts in my town I want to check out yet) and box everything up either tomorrow afternoon or Monday. I don’t want to wind up with too much to take to UPS at once since I will now be dropping off my own shipments. Probably. I’m still debating if the pick up fee is worth it but I’ll give drop off a try at least once to see how easy it is.

We have soccer tonight for our first time here in Rhode Island so that will be fun to get back into. Have a great night!

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