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Today’s Haul – April 26th

Hi there!

I didn’t jump back in on Monday as I had planned. After having the kids off all last week I needed a day to get some groceries and all of that. And what I really need to do is get my printer up and running before I do too much more thrifting so I can actually print labels and send all of this inventory off to Amazon. I ordered a printer cable which should be coming by tomorrow so I’ll probably just do light thrifting here and there this week and hope to get everything out before the weekend so I can start fresh next week.

I wasn’t really planning to thrift today but I needed to pick up some new books to read so I decided to take a trip over to Savers. I only spent about 15 minutes poking around for things to sell but I did find a few items.

Every time I have been so far there have been new Wilton pans. Today I got four of them (three for $3.99 each and the Cars one for $1.99) and listed for $9, $10, $15, and $15. Not great but I’ll make about $15 profit between them all.

The other things I picked up were plush and I did much better on those. The only one that wasn’t a great pick was the Critter Little Sister Plush. She was $1.99 and only listed for $10. The other three were $2.99 each and I listed Michigan J Frog for $55, Marie the cat for $45, and Olivia for $45.

The bottom line:

Total items listed: 8

Total Buy Cost: $24.92

Total Sales Value: $204

Total Net Profit: $124.32

I spent about 15 minutes shopping and 15 minutes listing so not a bad return on a half hour work.

I’ll be back as the week goes on if I pick up anything new to share. See you soon!

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