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Today’s Haul – April 14th


Today didn’t go as I planned. I hate that! My intention was to go check out the Goodwill in Providence. I was able to locate the building after about 40 minutes of travel and not fun traffic but all I found in it were a main office and a school. I asked a couple of people and they “thought there were things for sale” but I never was able to find them. It also wasn’t in a part of town I was that comfortable in (I am so not a city girl) so I think it is just as well. Goodwill might have been my main source in PA but clearly here it is going to be other thrift stores…. and that is ok with me.

While I was up that way I decided to try and find a couple of other stores that were just a little further north of Providence. I checked out a store called Thrifty Bargains and really loved it. I wish it were closer because it is a good 25-30 minutes from us without traffic and getting there means I have to deal with the city traffic. But, I liked it enough that I am going to try to check it out at least a couple times a month when I have a whole morning free.

I also stopped into a store called New to You but wasn’t impressed and don’t think I’ll be back. There are apparently three Salvation Army’s in the area – what this state lacks in Goodwill it more than makes up for in Salvation Army stores. I wanted to go check them out but I still needed to drive back and do some grocery shopping before my little guy got home from school so I didn’t have time. I think the next time I make the trip up for Thrifty Bargains I’ll try to scout out those too. If I had a group of stores to check out that are fairly close together then I might even consider a weekly trip up.

Anyway, back to the haul… it was all plush today!

The TJ Bearytales Bedtime Bear – I paid $1 for and listed for $35.
The Diego Beanie Baby – I paid $1 and listed for $25.
The Kohls Give a Mouse a Cookie Plush – prices have really fallen on this guy. I paid $1 and only listed him for $15.
The Talking Scooby – I have sold him several times for at least $75 each time. I paid #2 and listed him for $70 because he is missing his little dog tag off his collar.
The Furreal Zambi the Baby Elephant – This guy is cute but since he is selling for $95 I decided to part with him. I only paid $2 and he is in excellent working condition.
The LalaLoopsy Sir Battlescarred – I paid $1 for him and listed for $45.

There were two duds which I paid $1 each for – the Mr. Potato Head was a charity giveaway and he isn’t worth enough to bother and the Build a Bear Puppy has a huge rip that I didn’t notice.

The bottom line:

Total items listed: 6
Total Buy Cost: $8

Total Sales Value: $280

Total Net Profit: $202.69

I spent so much time driving around and looking for that darn Goodwill today that I was really lucky to have found the couple of high value plush. They definitely saved my day from being a bust but even so I came in under the $100 and hour net profit I aim for. I spent about 2 hours and 15 minutes driving and shopping and about 15 minutes listing giving me a potential hourly rate of only $81.07. But, it was a necessary trip as I learn the stores here so I’ll take it.

I think I am going to head South tomorrow and check out some thrifts that way. See you soon!


  1. Hey there! Welcome back – it’s good to see your hauls & blog again 🙂 Although my area has a LOT of Goodwills, it’s a hit & miss to find anything worth buying. We have some other thrift stores, including Savers, where I find a LOT more (and better) items to sell. Congrats on all of those Wilton cake pans the other day – wow! You probably already know about this website, but is my go-to website to find thrift stores when I travel to a different city and it will list a lot of stores I would have never thought to look for. Can’t wait to read more about your new journey.

    • Hi Jill! I love that website for finding thrifts!!! I miss Goodwill because the prices were better than the Savers here (which may have had more to do with area than store) but I am finding lots of great things at Savers. Every single time I have gone so far there have been more Wilton pans…I hope that keeps up!!

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