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Today’s Haul – April 13th

I only had a short bit of time this morning to run out and check out more thrift stores but I made good use of it. I got over to a second Salvation Army location right before they opened at 9am and found a few plush to sell. I think I liked the other Salvation Army better but I will stop by this one every now and then.

After that I went into our local Once Upon a Child. I know this is a chain but I have never lived near one and was really excited to see what it was like. WOW! Talk about a well organized and well kept store. The clothing racks make you feel like you are in a retail store and every toy is clean and carefully lined on shelf after shelf of goodies. But, along with that kind of pleasant shopping experience often comes higher prices and this was no exception. Most of the plush was priced between $6 and $8 which seems high to a girl who usually looks to pay a buck or two. Same with the games and playsets. It definitely isn’t a store that I can just grab and go …. looking up prices before deciding to buy an item is a must here. I passed on the plush because the profit margin just wasn’t enough on what they had out today but I quickly realized the gold mine in this particular store: the play sets. They have tons of them…Strawberry shortcake, My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop. The big sets that are no longer made anymore. They were marked between $6.50 and $8.50 for the most part but when you know you can sell them for $50 or more this is an excellent deal. I didn’t have a ton of time to look up everything they had so I zeroed in on what I had a hunch was valuable and found a Strawberry Shortcake Cafe set which sells for $75 and a Little Pet Shop set that sells for $95. I definitely need to go back and keep this store in my rotation.

The Once Upon a Child was right on the same road as the Savers so I made another stop in to see if anything new had come in before heading back home. I am so glad I did because they had a ton more Wilton Cake pans out (although marked at $3.99 today instead of the $1.99 they marked them all at yesterday).

It was a successful day for only about an hour worth of shopping and driving!

The best finds of the day were:

The Biggest Littlest pet Shop – paid $6.50 and listed for $95 (if it had been a complete set with the accessories I could have asked close to $300).

The Strawberry Shortcake Cafe – paid $6.50 and listed for $75.

The Darth Vader, Rainbow Brite, Astronaut, and Bowling Pin Wilton pans were all listed for $35 each and were the best of the bunch but I’ll make at least a few bucks on each of them.

The bottom line:

Total items listed: 18

Total buy cost: $70.83

Total Sales Value: $549.88

Total Net Profit: $328.91

I spent about an hour shopping and driving and a half hour listing giving me a potential hourly rate of $219.27. Sweet!

Tomorrow I have a mostly free morning so I plan to check out as many new places as I can. See you then!

**As always, if you have any specific questions on anything in this haul feel free to ask in the comments. And if you have any general questions for me just shoot me an email to with the subject: Ask the Amazon Mom and you can see your question answered right here on the blog!

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