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Today’s Haul – April 12th – Back in Business!

Well, hello there… long time no see!

It has been a loooooong few months of packing the family up and moving to a new state but now things are starting to get more settled and today I could no longer fight the thrifting itch. My original intent was to just check out of the (many, many) thrift stores in the area but I couldn’t pass up some great finds. So, I guess there is no time like the present to get started!

I started by checking out a store I have never been to before: Savers. It was pretty similar to a Goodwill but the toy and plush selection was pretty lacking. It wasn’t a wasted trip though because I found a batch of really nice condition Wilton Cake pans marked at only $1.99 each and quickly grabbed them all up. I also found a Hallmark Pitcher with a Pineapple design that I fell a little in love with and was marked at $6.99 (which is a bit high for what I expect to pay at a Thrift store). I picked it up figuring I would either keep it for myself or if I found out it was worth enough to convince me to part with it then I would (probably).

After Savers I took a drive over to one of the areas Salvation Army stores. It was smaller than the Salvation Army I would visit in Lancaster but it was also much easier to get in and out of and much less crowded. I found a couple of Annalee Dolls marked very low for what I knew they were probably worth, a set of glasses, and a batch of other plush.

Since it wasn’t a huge haul today (and because it has been ages since I have done one of these) I’ll share the whole trip:

Set of 4 Whiskey Glasses – paid $5.99 and listed for $17.99

Angel Tweety Bird plush – paid $1.99 and listed for $35.

John Cena talking plush – paid $1.49 and listed for $35.

Wall-E Disney Store plush – paid $2.49 and listed for $35.

Build a Bear Brittany plush – paid $ 1.99 and listed for $35 (I have sold her twice before in the same condition for this price).

Tigger plush – paid $1.99 and listed for $15.

The Wilton Pans were $1.99 each and I listed them for:

Cat – $35
Frosty – $15
Topsy Turvy – $15
Dalmation – $35
Christmas Tree – $10

The two Annalee dolls I can’t list yet because I realized I don’t have UPC codes and they need listings created for them. I ordered the codes and will list them tomorrow. I did the research though and found that the small one (I paid $5.99) will list for $45 and the big one (I paid $4.99) is going for $125 in complete condition. Mine is missing the cover to his heart box but also isn’t on Amazon which means I can ask more than if I had to compete with another seller that had a complete doll so I will probably list it around $125 still. Apparantly he is quite rare and the only boy made to go with three girls from the same years collection. He was definitely my best find of the day although I think he will be a long tail item and take awhile to find the right buyer.

The Pineapple Pitcher I could not find anywhere. Since I love it so much and because it would be hard to package well enough to stand FHA handling I have decided to keep it. Yay!!

So, that was my first venture into thrifting in Rhode Island. I think it is going to be a great place to continue growing my business and I am so excited to explore the large list of thrift stores I have already compiled.

Today’s bottom line:

Total items listed: 11

Total Buy Cost: $21.87

Total Sales Value: $282.99

Total Net Profit: $181.52

I spent about an hour shopping and a half hour listing giving me a potential hourly rate of $121.01 an hour. Off to a great start!

I don’t expect to be back every day just yet… I still have a lot to take care of to get us more settled here and the kids have off for Spring Break next week… but I am going to make it a point to try and stop into a new thrift store whenever I can. My hope is that by the end of the month I will have a good idea what stores are worth shopping often and which will be every now and then stops.

I also need to pay some attention to the wholesale portion of my business so this summer while the kids are off I can keep some money coming in and still be able to enjoy everything our new state has to offer. One of my favorite products to wholesale is no longer allowing their product to be sold online so that was sad to find out but I learned of another avenue which if it pans out will mean a huge bump in what I wholesale and an easier way to make some money. And this summer I want to take some time to really look into Private Label. It is the one area of Amazon that I have yet to explore and I want to learn more about it and see if it would be a good option for my own business wants and needs.

In the meantime I’m happy just to be back and doing my favorite thing: thrifting! See you soon!!

Stacy 🙂


  1. Hi Stacy! So glad you’re back blogging!

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