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Time for a little Spring Cleaning!

Hi there! Remember me? If not I don’t blame you! It seems that my Christmas Vacation lasted 6 months this year. Well, not really because I’ve been back working on Amazon for a couple weeks now but pretty darn close!

After the holidays I took some time to go room by room through my house de-cluttering and organizing my heart out. It was much needed! After that was done I tackled the basement. We had been living in our new house for a year at that point so I thought it was time to finally unpack boxes and make the unfinished spot usable. Once that was done we welcomed our new treadmill and I got busy on my health. I made time for exercise (something I had not done during the crazy pre-Christmas rush) and I started overhauling our eating habits (as well as our fridge and pantry) by cutting out processed food and artificial ingredients from our lives. And besides all that three very active kids kept me very busy!

So, with that all behind me I was feeling good and the house was looking better but there was still a giant pile of items that I had bought during the Fall chaos but needed to create listings for. I’ve started working through that and am about 1/3 of the way through at this point. My goal is to have it all listed and out the door to Amazon before the kids start Summer Vacation at the end of June. That way I can work on getting my wholesale lines back up and running and more importantly enjoy the summer with my children (which is after all the whole point of my launching this business … besides how fun it can be).

I’m not taking notes on everything I’m listing so you still won’t be seeing much of me for right now but I wanted to pop in and say hello and let everyone know that I’m still in business. Thank goodness that I’ve had enough inventory over at the warehouses to sustain me and still give me a paycheck every two weeks during my time off but that will eventually come to an end so it’s time to restock the shelves.

I have been listing a bag or two of items a day and have 78 items ready to go with a net profit around $1800. I’m trying to decide if I am going to do one big shipment in June once I get it all done or if I’m going to get part of it out now before it gets too much to handle. Both ways have their benefit. Getting it all out at once saves on shipping but doing it in a couple shipments saves my back. 🙂

I plan to do another update or two as I get my shipments out and to wish everyone a great summer so I’ll be back soon. For now, have a fabulous day!

Stacy 🙂

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  1. Hi, Stacey. Good to see you back 🙂 I always enjoy your blog. Have you been affected by the Amazon toy “restrictions” that started April 1? For example, it seems that almost every plush, game, etc. now has to be NEW unless you pay to be ungated, however, as we know, it’s not a gated category. I feel “stuck” and can’t list a whole lot right now due to this. I’d love to hear your opinion/input on this. Thanks! Jill

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