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Thursday’s trip – September 25th – Part I

Today was an epic day of thrifting … if I do say so myself.  I managed to hit 5, yes 5, different thrift stores in the time my son was at preschool!  And as you can see from the table it was my biggest one day haul ever (at least in terms of quantity).  So, why is this post titled Part I?  Well, there was so much stuff I still had a lot left to list by the time the girls got home on the bus.  I could be doing it tonight because soccer was rained out but the kids asked for it to be pizza and a movie night and honestly that sounds much better than listing the three huge bags of plush I have left to get through.

So, I will be working on it between now and the end of the weekend and be back with the details in part II of this post.  Until then, have a fabulous night, tomorrow, weekend .. .however long until we catch up again!  And in the meantime get out there and find some goodies of your own – I would love to hear about them!!


  1. I just sold that bear with the flashlight! I listed him the other day, and he sold the next day… Looks like you had some great scores.

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