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Thursday Update


Another fly by update from me!  I hit 3 Savers today but didn’t do as well as I would have liked.  I wound up listing 18 new plush, which cost me $43.38, will have a sales profit of $380.02, an will net me $221.13 once they sell.

So, not a stellar day but still more than I would have made working a regular job all day today and for only an hour or two of work (counting driving between the stores).  And I’ve sold 8 shirts so far today on Merch (even after raising all of my prices so that I have better margins – I’m now aiming for $21.99 to start and $23.99 once a design has sold).  So put that all together and it is a decent day.

I have one more 20 percent off coupon left for Savers so I think first thing tomorrow I’ll hit the local one and then come home, list, and box everything up.

I’ll be back tomorrow with that update and a tally of everything going over for my last Q4 FBA push.  After that I’ll be all about Merch and enjoying the holidays until the new year.  🙂

Have a great night!

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