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Thrifting trip – Monday October 27th

Ok, this is actually more than one day … it also includes my small trip on Friday with my girls but the bulk is today. I hit four Goodwills and found stuff at three of them (one was a rare bust of a trip). I am so happy my little guy is feeling good again so I could get out (that is him above being goofy and peeking out the back of the picture)!

I did get a few goodies though and one really, really great find!

The Bucilla Cross Stitch Bib two pack (always pick up new cross stitch!)- I paid $1.97 and listed for $35.

The Lord of the Rings Trivia Game – I paid $3.97 and listed it for $35.

The Wonder Art Christmas themed latch hook – I paid $3.97 and listed for $35 (these also sell very well – only buy new)

The vintage Texas Instruments Touch and Learn – in original box, excellent working condition. I paid $1.97 for this great find and listed for $50 based on Ebay research.

And my big find of the day … drum roll please… a like new (actually I think it is new based on the looks of it and how everything is still wrapped inside but I like to be conservative) All Clad Stainless Steel Food Mill. I paid $9.97 for it. I’ll be honest… I was very tempted to keep it but I decided that I want the profit more than another kitchen gadget. There is one other for sale on Amazon for over $165 and the rank is pretty low considering the cost. I decided to price a little under the other buyer because the tag on the box from William Sonoma said $149.99 and because there is still plenty of profit at that price. $112.99 to be exact!

No real duds today except that Amazon flagged the Space Chimp and DS Power Pack for Hazmat. So they are sidelined until they realize they are no and clear them.

So, good trip! Here is the bottom line:

17 items listed

Total Buy Cost – $60.49

Total Sales Value – $599.99

Total Net Profit – $394.93

Tomorrow I will be creating wholesale listings for some new items I am adding (to an already successful line) and am getting everything out the door to Amazon (a part I still struggle with and can’t afford to this time of year).

Any questions? Ask them in the comments or submit under the “Ask the Amazon Mom” tab above. I would love to hear from you!!

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