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The slow season…

Every year I notice a strange thing happen between mid-September and mid-October.  People stop spending money so readily.  Maybe it’s because they went overboard on summer vacation and are compensating, maybe it’s because they are too busy with sports and the kids school schedules being underway once again to think about shopping, but most likely it’s the calm before the 4th quarter storm.  Knowing the holidays are close keeps September budgets in check and sales for the Amazon seller can slow.

To compensate I’ve opened back up grocery items that I fill myself but only offer in the cooler months for shipping reasons.  And I’m focusing my time and energy on building inventory so it is there next month when things pick up big time.

I’m also going to take a little time this week to enjoy my community (our town fair is this week!) and most importantly get my own house in order.  With my focus being on sourcing these past weeks the house has been neglected and needs a good top to bottom clean.  I’ll still be out sourcing Monday and Friday but I’m taking the midweek for myself, my house, and some Fall decorating. And thanks to  some inspiration by my fabulous Sister in Law I hope to also find the time to prep some crock pot meals for the busy nights sure to come.
What are you doing this week – both for business and for you?


  1. Sourcing. I do mainly books and media and my New goal is to source and send in at least 100 items per week. 🙂

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