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The pieces are coming together …

I feel like there are three distinct parts of myself …. all of which need ample time dedicated to them. All of the pieces that come together to make up: Stacy.

The first is Stacy, the Mom and wife.  I love spending time with my kids (summer tantrum not withstanding) and being home to really be able to participate in their lives – from volunteering in their classrooms, to going on field trips, to lazy days with friends in the summer, to tucking them into bed every evening.  I love spending time with my husband – from date nights, to camp fires after the kids are in bed, to just laying on the sofa together and watching a movie.  And most of all I love the time we spend together as a family – touring amusement parks, spending the afternoon at the pool, going out to lunches, visiting extended family.

Then there is Stacy, the business woman.  I love shopping for my Amazon store (less so the listing and shipping but it’s a necessary evil).  I love researching new wholesale accounts and testing new products.  I love the new creative outlet I’ve recently discovered through this blog and my ebook series.  And I love that there are people who know me as more than “Paige, Sarah, or Aidan’s Mom”.

And finally, but no less important, there is just: Stacy.  Me,  the girl who needs needs some time to just be alone and relax.  For the longest time that meant grabbing a cup of tea and a good book.  Most nights it still does but that alone isn’t enough.

Recently I’ve discovered running.  Me, the girl who always vowed to never run unless I was being chased by an angry person with a stick – and it would have to be a large stick for me to break out into a full run.  Me, the girl who still has the “Running 0.0” sticker on the back of her car.  I’m actually enjoying, craving, looking forward to, running.  Huh.

I started about 2 months ago with a friend doing Couch to 5K.  That first painful week the one minute intervals were just about enough to do me in.  But, I pushed through and somewhere around week 5 I emerged and honest to goodness runner.  Today, for example, I ran for 28 minutes without stopping to walk even once.  Sure, I’m slow.  Sure, I was passed by a few turtles and one (extra speedy) caterpillar.  But, still – I did it.  And it felt great.

I think that taking those three parts of myself and tending to each of them every day is the key to happiness.  I haven’t always been good at that, and heaven knows when the kids were younger the third part got put on the back burner far more often than it should have but I’m learning.

How do you balance your life?  What do you do for “me” time?

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  1. Being chased by an angry man with a stick- funny!

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