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The best laid plans

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a planner. I may not be the neatest girl in the world – one look at my office will show you that – but I want my days organized. My husband learned pretty early that I don’t care what the plans are just that they don’t change on me last minute. Boys night out next week? Have a fantastic time! Boys night out that night after I just finished shopping for a meal and mapping out our evening. Let’s just say that isn’t going to go over well at all.

This kind of mindset flows into my work life too. Take today for example: It’s a Monday in the summer. That means Goodwill shopping day (the only one I fit into our busy summer schedule) and allowance payout for the kids. Great! Wait … now the dryer has decided it has had enough of providing heat to dry our (never ending) stream of laundry? Suddenly I’m sidelined and not a happy girl at all.

I spent the morning unreasonably demanding that whatever repair person I had reached needed to come out not only today but within a couple hours so I could still get out on a shopping trip later today. Several laughed, several tried to persuade me to wait until tomorrow, one said he is on the way. Day saved!

I’m working on going with the flow more. One thing life as the Mom to three young kids has told me is that you can’t plan every second (as much as I try). But, for today at least my day goes on as originally planned after a small bump in the road and I can’t ask for much better than that. And some clean laundry.

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