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The best laid plans…

I’m off to a slow start here but at least it is a start. My plan to thrift all day and list in the afternoon was delayed by snow and a late start to school this morning. Ugh.

But, the good news is that I did get out to two thrift stores before I had to double back and pick up my little guy and I got some good stuff! It totally re-energized me and it felt great to be out working “in the field” again. So much fun!

Unfortunately, because preschool ran later than usual I won’t have time to list today’s finds before my girls get home from their school as I had planned. Instead, I will be doing a “Today’s haul” post and picture tomorrow after I (hopefully) get my crew off to school. Because we are still under a winter storm warning here (oh how I love winter) there is a slight chance tomorrow will be a delay or (gasp!) day off but if that is the case have no fear – I will still get the update done and today’s finds listed!

So here I am – little toe dipped into the water – and easing my way back into work. How about you? Did you take any time off for the holidays? Did you find it hard to get back to work if you did? I know I can’t be alone!

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