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It’s been a long week and I am sooooo happy Friday has finally arrived! I made the most of the morning and stopped into three thrift stores before heading to the grocery to buy some goodies for the weekend.

There were a few duds … the Snoopy plush turned out to be a Whitman candy add on (paid 49 cents) and Tweety’s head is broken and kind of floppy ($1.99). The Cheerleader Build a Bear probably could have been sold but I would have had to do my own listing down to a photo shoot for her and I just didn’t have it in me today. But, for only $2.99 I know a little girl that will be REALLY excited to find her tucked into her bed when she gets home from school!

Luckily, there was plenty enough other stuff worth selling. The best of today’s trips were:

The Cappucino set – paid $7.99 and listed for $45.

The Remote Control skate board – paid $4.99 and listed for $55.

The Tennis Mickey Mouse – paid $1.99 listed for $45.

The Holiday Ty Hello Kitty – paid $2.99 and listed for $35.

The Backyardigans Tyrone – paid $2.99 and listed for $45.

There were a couple that I have sold before so I know they will sell well:

The Talking Bob the Builder – paid $1.99 and listed for $55.

The Princess Minnie Mouse – paid $2.99 and listed for $45.

The bottom line:

Total items listed: 16

Total Buy Cost: $36.40

Total Sales Value: $366.94

Total Net Profit: $238.75

Now onto a relaxing weekend! Looking forward to tacos for dinner tonight (celebrating Cinco de Mayo a day late), getting some stuff done around the house tomorrow, and enjoying a nice Mother’s Day lunch out with my family on Sunday.

If the weather cooperates I am taking next week off from thrifting and the only Amazon related work I will be doing is to box everything up Monday and getting it over to UPS on Monday. I will be sending out 131 items which cost me $404.68 to buy but once they sell will net me a nice profit of $2833.38. Not a bad start!

If it does wind up raining (yet again) Tuesday or Wednesday and cancels my gardening plans I’ll probably do a little thrifting. Otherwise I will be back the following week and ready to start a fresh shipment.

Have a wonderful Mothers Day weekend!

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