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Taking a few days off … the fair has arrived!

Our town fair is a long standing tradition and big deal among local residents here in Lancaster County and since moving here a little over 6 years ago it is one that I have fully embraced. It isn’t the kind of fair I grew up with in New Jersey …. think rides and games… but it is a charming farm sort of fair where there is yummy food, contests on everything from best tomato to best eraser collection, tractors to climb on, and tent after tent filled with tables set up by local companies offering free goodies to the eager kids. And the whole town comes out pretty much every day so it is a fun time to mingle with neighbors and catch up with people you haven’t seen in awhile.

So, with that in mind and knowing that between this afternoon and Friday night I will be spending most of my free time over there (and chaperoning two class trips there) I won’t be thrift shopping the rest of the week and I set my grocery listings to vacation mode. I’ll re-open that back up Friday so I can take orders over the weekend to fill Monday and I’ll be hitting the stores every day next week to make up for some lost time.

I did get out to the Goodwill with the outlet next store today and got a ton of plush to list. I got through a lot of it this afternoon before my girls got out for early dismissal but I still have a bag of items I need to research and probably create listings for. I am going to finish that up tomorrow afternoon and should have that one last haul to share with you all tomorrow at some point.

Until then… have a great night!

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