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Surrounded by Plush!

Did you ever see the scene in ET where Gertie hides him in her closet and he gets lost among all of her stuffed animals? Well, that is how I feel this afternoon. To say I found a few things would probably be the understatement of the century. I found A LOT of things today. So much that I probably won’t have today’s haul up until tomorrow (at the earliest).

I spent the past few hours sorting and listing but I still have a GIANT bag of things that I need to research and probably make my own listings for and another bag of things that I listed but it is the first time they are hitting FBA so I have to wait for the dimensions to filter from Inventory Lab to Amazon.

It works out well since I probably won’t be able to go thrifting tomorrow or Friday so at least I’ll have time in the afternoons to get the rest of this listed and boxed up to go to the warehouses. As soon as I wrap it all up I’ll be back to share the huge haul!

Until then… take care and happy thrifting!

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