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It is hard for me to get too much done when the kids are off for the summer. I’ve been keeping plenty busy …. just not with work. But, on the bright side I got our basement cleaned up so it is actually functional now and I organized half of the garage. Go me!!

But, I still need to keep money coming in so I carved out some time today to place orders with the companies I wholesale for. I went through my Amazon reports to target what items I was low on as well as what items were good sellers. Once I had those items sorted through I made sure that none had started to be offered by FBA sellers since my last order. I have said this before but it bears repeating: I never, ever compete. Well, unless it is an item that a seller came into after I stocked my inventory but if that is the case once I sell out I don’t re-order. There are just too many products out there to compete with other FBA sellers and get into a price war. I prefer items where I am the only seller (ideally) or at least the only FBA seller so that I can charge a lot more and get the most out of inventory.

I crossed out any items now being offered FBA and placed orders for the rest along with some new items to test from 1 of the companies.

The orders should arrive next week and I will get them out the door either then or the week after so I can wrap up before we leave for vacation. That way I can be assured that I am still making good money even while work is the last thing I am thinking about!

Once we get back and school starts again I will be re-opening my seller fulfilled listings and hitting the thrift stores again so you will see a lot more of me then!

In the meantime, have a fabulous summer!!!

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