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Summer is on the way!

Hello everyone!

First, I want to say a heartfelt thank you to all of you that have taken the time to leave comments and email me personally to make sure that I am ok and to let me know that you are missing my posts. It is great to be missed but I am sorry that I left you all hanging so long!

I am doing wonderfully and (thankfully) so is my business. Things have just been BUSY! With the warmer weather I have been spending a lot more of my time out enjoying it and a lot less time in thrift stores. And now that my little guy is off for the summer with the bigger kids to follow in a few weeks I have put my Merchant Fulfilled items on hold (I will resume them in the Fall) and switched to a 100% wholesale business model.

At this point I have built my wholesale lines to the point where they can replace the thrifting income (and then some) with much, much less work on my part. I tend to spend about 2 hours every other week placing new orders, about 2 hours scouting new sources online, and about 6 hours the weeks the products come in listing and prepping the items to go to Amazon. Definitely less work and this fits my life right now.

But, because I don’t share my wholesale sources the way I do my thrifting scores this leaves me with a lot less to say right now on the blog. Rest assured though that nothing beats the thrill of the hunt and come September when the kiddos are back at school I will pick back up where I left off and be back with lots of “today’s haul” shares for you all.

I will try to do a better job of keeping in touch going forward and not let so much time lapse between posts and keep you up to date on the little bit I am doing right now to keep my business humming and give you ideas of new directions you too can take when life gets busier (and slower at the same time).

Today I spent about an hour and a half placing new orders with 5 of the companies that sell the best for me and I have orders in from two others that I placed last week. Once everything arrives I will spend an afternoon or two listing and shipping and I will be back to share those bottom lines so you can see that other business models are definitely worth exploring.

I also NEED to tackle the HUGE amount of thrifting backlog that is taking over my basement. I feel like I have been saying this forever but it does need to be done. It’s quite scary at this point and just looking at it overwhelms me. But, I figure the summer is the time to get through it. A lot of it I need to list (with most of it requiring me to create listings … another reason I keep putting this off). There is also a large portion of it that was purchased before I really had an eye for things and I will likely be donating that back and taking the tax write off next year. But, whatever I do with it no doubt it needs to be worked through and I can’t think of a better time than the summer.

Once the big girls are out of school too I am going to set up a schedule for myself that includes a run every morning (thank you YMCA free child watch), time to work on wholesale orders one week and listing wholesale the next, and at least an hour a day three days a week where the kids can play out back and I can work through some backlog. The rest of our days will be spent at the pool and just enjoying the summer. I think this is a good and attainable balance. Maybe I’ll even let the kids help and give them some money for it… it would be a great learning experience for them!

So that is what is on the horizon for me! I will be back soon and in the meantime I hope you are enjoying the milder temps!!

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