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Some days you just know.


Today started off innocently enough.  After days of not having a dryer it was finally fixed last night and I was ready to start on a mountain (really a whole mountain range at this point) of laundry and get the kids ready to spend a few days with their Grandparents.  Yay!

But, first we need a little laundry detergent and some odds and ends so off we go to the store.  One big, happy crew.  On the way over I float the idea that if they are well behaved at the store we maybe we could stop by the Goodwill in the same shopping center before heading home.  Only they don’t hear me because it seems that seating my children in the very close proximity the car provides – this far into the summer – is a recipe for disaster.  Immediately the fighting begins.  She poked me!  He looked at me!  She’s breathing!! The horror…

I’d like to say the grocery store went better but after the first aggressive “I’m putting the butter into the cart not you” skirmish things just went downhill. Fast.

I got out with the necessities, all three children, and most of my sanity intact but I’m not going to lie to you…. it was close.

So my dreams of a quick jaunt to my favorite Goodwill went poof and straight back home we went.  Some days you just know.

But, I see a glimmer of sunshine on the horizon…with the kids away, having the time of their lives with my amazing Inlaws, I get some alone sourcing time!!  And even better a couple of much needed date nights!  And with that the constant whining and bickering of the kids doesn’t seem so terrible. 🙂


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