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Snow days and fun math

What started as a two hour delay changed into a full day off for all three kids and left me scrambling because I had 8 grocery orders to fill from the weekend. So, what is an Amazon Mom to do? Luckily, the roads were totally fine (not sure why they are off) and I was able to bundle them up and head out to fill the orders.

They were actually really good until the very end. And then they played the crane game. Why, oh why, do stores insist on putting those machines out? They do nothing but produce crying kids and take your money. Not fun for any of us!

We got through it though and I got home, got the boxes packed up and on the porch. I even got 4 more boxes out to go to Amazon warehouses so I’m calling this a very successful day!

I also tied up agreements with two more companies I’ve been talking to about wholesaling. So, in the past week I have placed orders with 8 new companies and am waiting for the orders to arrive AND one more that I’m still in talks with should be set up later today or tomorrow.

I read something in a book recently about looking at your wholesale lines (actually he was talking about Private Label but I am not making that leap yet) as mini ATM’s. You set each one up on Amazon and it produces money for you. For example if you buy the item for $10 and sell it for $35 let’s assume you make $10 profit on each sale of the item. But, Amazon gives you $20 – the $10 you spent to buy the item and your $10 profit. So, you take the $10 you received back for the item and buy a new one and keep the $10 profit (or invest it in new mini ATM’s). But, you are only ever putting out that initial $10 on that specific product and you are making profit on it time and time again… hence the mini ATM. And if you are lucky you can use profit to invest in larger quantities of the item at a time and therefore bring down the per item cost and therefore increasing your profit from each sale. I’m not a fan of math by any stretch but this math I like. Over time you set up more and more of these “ATM’s” and you have profit coming in all over the place. And that is how sellers get to the salaries from this that they can get to.

And if you can sell in product lines that you really love personally so much the better. I’ve been lucky to find my way into some really cool niches and meet some really great company owners and sales reps along the way. It’s definitely a fun job!

Ok, my work is done unless I get a shipment in later but for now I’m off to make some lunch and have some fun with the kiddos. Have a great day!

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