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Small packages sometimes hide big profits

It’s funny because a lot of times what I think will have a big profit really doesn’t but that small item I picked up on a whim because the price was right does. That was the case today for sure.

At savers I picked up a couple of Cars items. The first was a Radio Control Mater that I was guessing would fetch a nice price. The other was a small diecast car of a Rescue Squad Mater. I only picked up the latter because it was $1.99. I’ve been burned on what I think are going to be valuable diecast cars in the past and didn’t expect much from this one. It turns out that the radi control Mater is only going for $25 which isn’t terrible (paid $4.99) but that little car is going for a lot. I paid $1.99 and listed him for $55 (I could have gone higher if the hang tag was in better condition).

I visited Savers and 2 Salvation Armies today (tried to go to a third but the parking lot was jam packed). At Savers I also found the Corgi Fire Heroes set (paid $6.99 and listed for $35), and the Build a Bears. I paid $1.99, $2.99, and $3.99 for them and listed the plush for $35 (Marie from Aristocats), $19.99 (brown and tan bear), and $15 (cream color bear) and their clothes for $35 (the Dark Knight Rises batsuit). The Marie didn’t have clothes on her and the brown bear’s clothes weren’t already on Amazon so I added them to my daughters doll wardrobe. I also found the Abby Cadabby full body hand puppet from Gund for $2.99 and listed her for $45.

At Salvation Army I found the Peter Rabbit Cupcake Kit (paid $2.49 and listed for $35) and the Yo Gabba Gabba Musical Boom Box. I love finding Yo Gabba Gabba stuff! The show is still popular but they don’t make merchandise anymore so what I find usually sells relatively quickly and for a good price. I paid $2.99 and listed this one for $55.

The only dud was that Davinci Dilemma board game. It was new in the box so I took a chance. I really should have scanned it since it was $4.99 but I was at my last stop and in a hurry so I didn’t. It is only selling for $8.99 new so although I still listed it I will lose at least $2.14 on it.

Today’s bottom line:

Total items listed: 16

Total Buy Cost: $43.38

Total Sales Value: $443.39

Total Net Profit: $276.62

That’s it for now… have a great night!

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