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Sharing inventory between Amazon and Ebay just got a whole lot easier!

I think I have mentioned this before but in case you don’t know… I have been looking for an easy (and not crazy expensive) way to put my Amazon listings on Ebay. Amazon offers a service where they will pick and ship your inventory stored at their warehouses for sales on other platforms and it has always seemed like there had to be a smart way to make this work to my advantage. This appeals to me so much because it is hard enough to keep my motivation up filling grocery orders myself. Ebay shipping just drives me mad!

Fortunately, there are now a handful of third party vendors that will let you cross list, manage your inventory levels between both Ebay and Amazon, and send the orders to Amazon for picking. This idea has always seemed like a great way to increase sales and I’ve tried several services over the past year. So far I have found the process these vendors offer for creating the listings to be really tedious. Another reason I don’t list on Ebay often is the listing process itself so I guess it is no surprise how quickly I dropped these other services once the trial period ran out. And then add to that headache the really high cost of these services and I just wind up frustrated every time.

Until now. I am really, really excited about a newcomer to the scene: Joelister. I have been keeping my eye on them since they first started getting the word out last year but it has only been in the last few months that they were up and running. And I am just now getting around to testing them.

Basically what they do is this: Once you set everything up to give them the proper access they will import your FBA inventory into their platform. From there (and this is where I fell in love) it really is as easy as clicking two buttons to see your Amazon listing go live over on Ebay. Once an order comes in they adjust your inventory levels on both Ebay and Amazon, send the order off to Amazon to be picked, input the shipping tracking info into Ebay, and even leave Feedback to the seller after the transaction is complete. Yes please!

They start you out with 2 free listings to get a feel for the process with no credit card required. If you are anything like me you will put them up in about a minute and sign up for a paid subscription. I just signed up for the Basic Plan which gives me 100 listings for $29.99 a month. You can increase the number of listings with higher plans. I put up my 100 listings in about a half hour (listing my most expensive Amazon offerings to start with) and now I’m toying with the idea of bumping up one more level so I can get my wholesale lines up there too. The way I look at it even one sale will pay for the service and it never hurts to spread your eggs out between baskets.

I’m still testing the platform but so far I am loving what I see and am really excited about the extra exposure to my inventory. I’ll report back if I find anything I don’t like but as far as I can tell this service will be a keeper.

If you are interested in trying it out and want to help me out in the process you can sign up through my link:

If not, that is cool too. You can check them out at But, either way I really think this is a service that we can all benefit from and it was too good not share!


  1. Stacy, I’m also looking for a relatively inexpensive way to list items once then “send” them to various platforms (Ebay, Amazon, Sears, Etsy, etc.). With Joelister, do you have to be a pro Amazon seller? Currently, I don’t sell enough items to warrant the $40/month to Amazon, but if it saves me time & I can get my items listed faster, it might be. I LOVE your blog, especially, your hauls. Thanks!

    • Hi Jill!! Unfortunately, yes you do need to be a pro seller to use Joelister. The reason is because you need MWS (Marketplace Web Service which allows Amazon users to exchange data with third party vendors) so they can obtain the data from your Amazon account and Amazon only allows MWS if you are a pro seller. Also, at this time Ebay is the only platform the will list too. I know some of the others do multiple platforms but as I said those other sites were much too tedious and expensive for me and because I don’t sell on those additional platforms it wasn’t a need for me.

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