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September 25th trip – Part 2 (better late than never)

I am happy to announce that I am FINALLY done listing that monster trip I did on the 25th of September.  Whew!!!

Now without further ado …

If you look above you will see the picture of that days haul.  My biggest to date!!  No wonder it took me so long to get through it all!!

Lots, and lots of goodies!!

Here are the highlights:

Groovy Girl Drum Set – paid $1.97 and listed for $35.

Sharper Image Talking Pictures (new in package) – paid $2.97 and listed for $45.

Tivo – I’ve sold these before and always grab them when I see them.  No I don’t have a way to test them but when the original owner takes care to package it all back into the box nicely I assume it works and take that risk.  If I find them (and I have) that are a mess and parts strewn all over then I walk away.  Paid $20.97 and listed for $85.

Hot Wheels Auto Tech Service Center – paid $3.97 and listed for $50.

Singing Barney plush – paid .97 cents and listed for $35.

Singing Eeyore plush – paid .97 and listed for $35.

Chantilly Lane Bear – Ok, I’ll admit these things creep me out a bit but someone must like them because they do sell.  Paid $3.97 and listed for $45.

Serta Breast Cancer Sheep – paid .97 cents and listed for $35.

Hallmark Caroling Snowmen – paid $1.97 and listed for $40.  (I actually have this one in my own collection and the kids were worried I was selling it.  I had to assure them it was a different one).

LalaLoopsy Marina Anchors – paid $6.97 and listed for $45.  These were a new thing for me.  I’ve seen them fairly often, actually I’ve picked them up for Sarah every now and then when she went through her Lalaloopsy phase but never considered they were worth money.  I stand corrected and will now add them to my watch list.

Build a Bear Bearemy – Paid $1.00 and listed for $45.

Bebechichi – paid .97 cents and listed for $45.  This tiny thing is going for big bucks.  It is somehow part of the Monchichi family I grew up with but i never heard of the Bebichichi line before.

That is just a sample of all the great stuff I found – wait until you see the bottom line!  Woohoo!!

There were only 2 duds:

The Buddy Bear – only a dud because I’m keeping him.  You can heat him or cool him for a sick kid and with so many illnesses flying around the schools here I thought $3.97 made him a steal and worth adding to my arsenal.

Let’s Rock Elmo – I wasn’t familiar enough with this guy to know he was missing his microphone and drums and because he isn’t priced to high to start it doesn’t pay to try to sell him as acceptable and note the missing pieces.  So, that is one $6.97 mistake that I tossed.

Let’s look at the bottom line:

I listed 41 items.

The total buy cost: $124.99

The total sales value: $1308.53

The total net profit: $843

A great day of thrifting, indeed!!

And with that I’m all caught up again and feeling pretty accomplished.  Tomorrow I hit the stores again!




  1. Wow! Impressive!
    Do you add batteries to your stuff before sending them FBA? And do you take out the batteries out if the items already have them in?

    • Hi Sarah!
      I do test the items with new batteries before I send them to make sure they work. If I have a lot of batteries on hand I’ll sometimes leave them in and note that it was tested and includes new batteries. If not I will take them out and note that it was tested and in great working order but needs new batteries.

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