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See you in September!!

So… you may have noticed I haven’t been back this week as I had planned. The week didn’t start the way I had planned. Monday I had Sarah home sick and Tuesday I had to take care of some emergency dental work (ugh). And since the end of school is upon us (Aidan’s last day of Kindergarten is tomorrow and the girls finish up Friday) I spent today running around and getting gifts for all of the teachers and bus drivers that made my kids feel so welcome this year.

I could go thrifting tomorrow but honestly my head is not in it this week. Summer vacation is SO close and I am ready to embrace it. I know how lucky I am to have my summers home with the kids and I am not going to miss a minute of it! So, although I’ll probably be placing a few wholesale orders and I’ll definitely be getting my Private Label test item sent out (it finally arrived today) mostly we will be spending our days at the zoo, the aquarium, the park, visiting with friends and family, and just plain relaxing.

I may pop in here and there for a post but I will be taking a break from sharing (and shopping for) hauls until the kids start back up at school. And since all three kids will be in school for the full day and I’ll have lots of time to bulk my inventory up for that exciting Fourth Quarter rush you will be seeing a lot of me!

Until then I wish you all a wonderful and fun filled summer and look forward to seeing you guys in the Fall!

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