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Rolling with the punches…

Well, it looks like I won’t be thrifting at all this week. First, my 9 year old came down with Strep and is home with me today. Then the air conditioner broke (well, technically it never worked to begin with) and we will be having a new unit installed tomorrow. That only leaves me Thursday and Friday and Friday I get to meet my new doctor up here so I am calling it a week. But, I am not complaining too much because I know how lucky I am to have the kind of job where I can easily shift things around and be where I need to be.

And, just because I’m not thrifting it doesn’t mean that I won’t be working. I’m going to use tomorrow morning to list the bag of thrifting finds that didn’t have listings and then Thursday morning I’ll get everything (finally) boxed up for Friday morning pick up. At least it will feel nice to start fresh next week and hopefully be able to use the last two weeks with the kids in school to do one last thrifting push before summer!

I’ve also been working on some ideas for Private Label. This is the only area of business on Amazon that I have yet to explore and the idea of it really intrigues me. If you don’t know what private label is basically it is where you purchase generic items from a manufacturer and brand them yourself for sale on Amazon. The profits can be high but finding products to sell can be overwhelming. I spent the last week reading every book on the subject I could find on my Kindle and finally settled on a first product to test and a brand name. I placed a test order of 50 units last night and am now working on ordering my logo labels, packaging, and getting an inexpensive lightbox to take some quality pictures.

Once I figure this all out and get some experience under my belt this summer I’ll share what I learn but for now this is all very new to me… and pretty fun!

In case I don’t pop on again before next Monday have a fabulous week and I will be back soon!

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