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Ready, set, vacation!!

Hello! I thought I would pop in before we hit the road for a much needed vacation and update what I have been up to.

My son was invited to a 2 hour long morning Kindergarten camp for the last couple of weeks Monday through Thursday’so I took advantage of only having my two older girls home those days and opened up my Merchant Fulfilled listings for a bit. I got a lot of orders in that time and wound up earning about $500 that I wouldn’t have had I not done that …. perfect for vacation spending money!

In my last post I mentioned that I had placed orders with my tried and true wholesale companies and would be getting the items listed and out this week so I could relax on vacation and still have income streaming in. I spent Tuesday listing and boxing everything up and just dropped off the boxes to UPS this morning. I sent 448 items over to Amazon at a buy cost of $1422.21, total sales value of $6509.63, and an expected net profit of $2966.72.

The listing wound up taking me about 5 hours total (although those hours were also interrupted frequently to help the kids with various things) and the ordering probably took me about 2 hours last week. Not a bad return on my time investment though and the items are all good sellers which means I should be able to have the return on my investment coming back to me in the next month.

One reason it took me so long to list is that I added a good amount of new items from lines I already know do well and had to create listings for them on Amazon. This does take more time than existing items but it is GREAT being the only seller of a specific item or style of item on Amazon…. no competition and you can charge more. Awesome!!

I also got some exciting news this week. I received approval from Amazon to sell in the Jewelry category! I had applied for this back in February but it was a long process and in the end I had given up and decided I didn’t need to sell in jewelry after all. Well, this week I tried again after trying to list some jewelry boxes I had bought to test without thinking about needing approval and I instantly received a message back saying I was approved! I am not sure how it happened or why but I am over the moon happy about it. I already have wholesale relationships with at least two companies that have items in this category and will definitely be exploring and adding them to my inventory this Fall.

Well, that is it for me as we prepare to head out for our yearly family vacation. I won’t be working much on vacation other than making sure that I don’t have any questions from customers I need to answer and monitoring my feedback and sales. Once we get back into town things will be focused on getting ready for the kids to go back to school at the end of August and after that things will be focused again on ramping my Amazon business back up to full speed and hitting the thrifts again!

See you all then …. have a fabulous last month of summer!

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