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Question from reader Sarah

Today’s question is another great one!

Sarah writes:

“My question is about FBA products that were sourced through thrifting. What do you do when someone messages you a question about a product in your FBA inventory and you don’t know the answer?

Is it okay to answer “I don’t know” bc the product is not in my possession anymore?

Thank you in advance for any help. Sincerely, Sarah”

Thank you for your question, Sarah!! This happens from time to time and I find that honesty is always the best policy. With the vast amount of varied items I send in to the warehouses it is impossible for me to know (or remember) everything about every item. I do my best to answer when I can but sometimes I just don’t know. In those cases I apologize and tell the customer that my items are stored with Amazon so that I can offer Amazons world class service and Prime Shipping to my customers and as such the item is not in my possession and I am unable to answer the specific question. I always point out that if the item does not meet their expectations for any reason Amazon offers a very easy return process and assure them that they can also contact me personally and I will take care of them.

Most of the time I see the order come through shortly after and have so far not had any returns come from those orders but even if I did it is not often that I get these type questions. In the end I would rather deal with a return from a customer I have a dialogue with already and isn’t likely to leave bad feedback just because the item they receive wasn’t quite what they had pictured in their mind. In fact, I am probably more likely to receive good feedback once they complete the transaction because now I am a person to them and not just an order they place on Amazon.

I hope that helps and gives you an idea of how to tackle these kinds of product questions!

Stacy 🙂

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