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Question from reader Jill: What to do about Nosey Rosey’s?

Jill writes:

Good morning, Stacy. It sounds like you had a great holiday season. I was very fortunate that I sold a lot of items on Amazon and continue to sell, although not quite at the same pace 🙂

I have a question for your website – I don’t have the opportunity to thrift every day but a couple of our thrift shops here (not Goodwill) offer 50% off days, 25% off days, etc. on a regular basis, so when those days arrive, I “stock up” on plush & toys especially.

So, as you can imagine, I fill at least 1 cart, sometimes 2 or even 3. As I am moving about the store, I get a lot of questions about WHY I’m buying so much, guesses as to WHY I’m buying so much, etc. Currently, I use the “I have grandkids” reason so that I’m not rude when I really want to tell them it’s none of their business.

Do you have a better answer that I can give to the Nosey Roseys of the world?

Dear Jill,

Hi Jill!

I am glad to hear that you had a good holiday season and are still selling. I miss those fast and frequent sales of December too!!

Those Nosey Roseys can be so annoying!! I’ve gone through many different phases of what I tell them and still don’t have a perfect answer… I wish I did! In the beginning I always just said I’m stocking up for my kids or something along those lines and did my best to keep my head down and not invite questions. I am a bit more brazen these days and a lot more likely to just tell the truth and explain that I have an online store.

Most of the time if someone makes a guess I’ll just agree and move on (like if they say … Wow you must be getting your gift closet stocked up or Wow I guess you are starting your Christmas shopping early). But, if someone directly asks what I do with all of the stuff that I am buying (which usually comes from store employees more often than other customers) then I tell them that I sell things online.

This can lead to a lot of different reactions but (at least to my face) the one I get most often is of genuine interest. If someone does have a problem with this line of work (and there are those out there that do) then they usually won’t express that in person but on the rare occasion that I am met with an unfavorable response I just try to shut the conversation down quickly and wish them a nice day (I’m sorry that you feel that way but have a great day). That has only happened to me maybe a handful of times … most people are fascinated not disgusted thank goodness. 🙂

I hope that helps some! And remember in the end it really is none of their business and if you want it is perfectly fine to just keep using that grandkids excuse!


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