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Off to paradise…

The next time you hear from me  …. assuming I can still remember how to use a laptop amid the relaxation of it all … I’ll be writing to you from a fabulous, 2 week, beach vacation.  This trip is an annual event for my family and a much needed break from the business of daily life.

Although, I am always really tempted to check out the beachy thrifts I never actually do because, lets face it, with all the stuff we cram into the car and take with up there is no room to bring anything new back.  Not if I want to also bring all three kids home with us, which I do.  Mostly. If you ever took a long car ride with my daughter Sarah you would understand my slight reservation.  But, I digress…

Because, I am now doing wholesale I may do a little scouting on that front.  Maybe find a new and fabulous product or two from another state that I hadn’t considered.  But, that will be the extent of my “working” while on vacation.

When I get back and get back into the swing of another school year I have big things planned.  As a regular thrifting schedule once again allows itself I will be doing a daily blog post with some of that days finds and some tips and info about them.  I hope this will help others out who are just finding their way through thrifting.  You can all be my shopping buddies!

Until then…

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