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My least favorite part of this job…

Hands down, it is the sorting and boxing and labeling. I love going on the hunt at the stores SO much and even enjoy listing (it is exciting to see how much profit each item will generate) but the prospect of lugging all those purchases up from the basement and sorting them into (in today’s case 12) different shipments that Amazon directs them too and I know it won’t be a fun day.

But, since leaving the inventory in my basement and not in Amazon’s warehouses earns me no money it is a necessary evil and one I finally tackled today. Unfortunately, it took waaaaaay longer than I expected and I ran out of boxes so I couldn’t finish.

I did manage to sort the items between the 12 shipments which is the longest part of the process so tomorrow I’ll just need to run to Lowes for some more boxes, weigh and label them, and I should be able to get them picked up by UPS tomorrow afternoon.

And once it is received by Amazon I will have 476 new items in my inventory, which cost me $1417.67 to buy, are worth $14,236.93, and will net me a great profit of $8926.66 after Amazon takes their fees and minus the cost of goods. I try to remember this when I’m grumbling about the shipping part… lol.

I also gathered all of the items that I bought and are not currently on Amazon into two huge boxes so I’ll be working through these in the next few weeks in addition to regular thrifting runs.

But, for tonight this girl is TIRED and calling it a night. See you soon!!


  1. You are not alone 🙂 I love the thrill of the hunt & finding things (especially plush) that I think will sell. And then my favorite words: “Amazon has shipped the item you sold”. I know my “baby” is going to a good home where it will be loved. I do NOT enjoy listing & shipping but if I don’t list it & ship it, I won’t get to see those 7 wonderful words in my e-mail inbox….Happy Hunting!

    • Those are the best 7 words ever!! Yes, I kept telling myself that this week as I got everything together. I just need to not let it pile up that high and it won’t be such a huge undertaking. Hopefully the next batch goes out in the next two weeks not months… 🙂

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