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My favorite Amazon Seller Service: Inventory Lab

As I gear up to get back to work tomorrow I thought I would take a look back at a couple of my favorite services. I don’t take parting with my hard earned money lightly but every now and then a service comes along that is worth it’s weight in gold. And if I had to choose only one service to use for my business there is no contest: Inventory Lab for the win. Every time.

Take a look back at my post from last October regarding this workhorse…. you will be glad you did!

Inventory Lab is the little engine that could.  My very favorite thing about the service is the listing platform.  You can list your Amazon items right on their website and it is done from one easy screen unlike Amazon’s listing platform through Seller Central.  And it knows if you already listed that item and will pop up a window to let you know.  Once you are done adding all of your items to that days “batch” you can send the shipments right over to Amazon.  And if you have a Dymo printer like I do you can print off the labels as you go instead of having to print a sheet of them and match them to your products when you are sending your shipments on Seller Central.

That in and of itself saves me SO much time.  But, the fun doesn’t end there.  Inventory Lab also tracks ALL of your expenses.  Not just the ones they pull from Amazon (your Amazon levied fees) but also anything you input.  Right on the listing page there is a spot to enter the date you bought the item, where you bought it, and how much you paid.  You can also go into the bookkeeping section of the website and enter other expenses such as your mileage, supply expenses, etc.  And once you have all this data in there you can pull all sorts of really cool reports and see exactly how your business is doing.  In fact when you first open the Inventory Lab site the first thing that pops up is neat chart showing your months sales and profit broken out by week.  I love that.

As if this wasn’t enough they recently launched a new program (included in your monthly fee … more on that in a minute) called Scoutify.  Scoutify has actually been around for a little bit but at first was only available on the Apple Platform.  I prefer Android so I had to wait a bit longer but it’s here now and it’s awesome!  Scoutify is a cool little program that lets you scan a UPC or enter the product info in the app and it pulls up all kinds of useful info like the products sales rank and current price on Amazon so you can make a smart decision while you are in the field sourcing.  I loved Inventory Lab before but with this addition it saves me the $10 a month I was paying to Profit Bandit and that makes me very happy!

All of this awesomeness doesn’t come without a cost.  It is $49 a month which trust me, I understand, it seems like a lot.  But, for me if I had to choose only one service to pay for it would be this.  Just the time it saves me listing alone is worth the price to to me.  Add to that the reports and expense tracking and now Scoutify and it’s well worth the cost.

The good news, if you are interested in giving Inventory Lab a whirl is that they offer all new users a free 30 day trial to see if it’s for you.  But, be warned… you will likely be hooked like I was and not be able to go back to life before Inventory Lab.

If you want to try it for yourself and see what all the fuss is about just click here:

Full disclosure – this is my affiliate link. That just means that if you sign up with them I get a small commission. But, rest assured that I will never promote anything I don’t believe in and I strongly believe in this company. If you don’t want to go through my affiliate link you can just go to the site on your own. But, trust me, however you find your way to them it’s something to check out. You will be glad you did!!

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