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Monday’s trip – October 14th

I’m back with the update!

So…as I mentioned … yesterday I stopped by 3 Goodwill’s but didn’t get to list any of the goodies. And do I have a couple of real goodies for you today!!

Let’s dive right in!

The best finds:

The Gund Musical Bear – paid 97 cents and listed for $35.

Next is a few vintage board games. I always love these! (The Pretty Princess Game in the picture was bought for parts so I am complete some of the other Pretty Princess Games I have – they sell for a lot once complete!).

Catechic – A Catholic Trivia Game – Paid $3.97 and listed for $45.

Upwords – I have sold this one many times. It is quick to count the pieces and sells well once complete. I paid $1.97 and listed it for $35.

Robot Wars The Game – this one isn’t on Amazon currently but my hunch is the right buyer may be willing to pay a bit more for this. And it is in excellent condition with some pieces still in plastic. I paid $2.97 for it and listed it for $50.

The Tiverton Deven Little Folk Rabbit Pair – not on Amazon either but they seem to be sought after elsewhere so I listed them as a paid for $75 (paid $4.97 each for them).

Are you ready for my big find?! So excited!!!!

I found a vintage Gabrielle Designs 1972 large Paddington Bear and large Aunt Lucy. These are selling for over $125 each on Ebay. They are beautiful, well made mohair bears. I listed Paddington for $125 and Aunt Lucy for $100. I paid only $6.97 each for them! Go me!!

And the duds..

The Bill Nye Paper Recycling Factory. I thought this was really awesome but I guess I am alone. I paid $4.97 and I listed him for an overly optimistic $10 which still results in a 22 cent loss after fees but I can at least recoup some of my purchase price.

I decided to keep the sports decals for my little guy’s sports room. He thought they were really cool!

In total I listed 15 items.

Total buy cost: $52.36

Total sales value: $610.75

Total Net Profit: $411.14

Because Monday was a camp day and I had to pay extra for the kids to attend I was really just hoping to make at least $45 in net profit to break even but I did way better than that … and got some alone time to boot! Success!!

I’ll be again back soon!

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  1. Hi, Stacy. I know I’m full of lots of questions for you but how do you list plush when there is no tag and you don’t have a UPC code? Do you buy them? Thanks. Your most inquisitive follower, Jill 🙂

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