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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Hello all!

I am home today with my little guy who is getting over a virus and enjoying a relaxing day of snuggles (and laundry). As I look forward to his return to school tomorrow and an action packed next three weeks full of classroom fun with the kids, family time, and making new memories I realized that I want to spend those weeks fully enjoying them and not also trying to balance work.

I have plenty of inventory already at Amazon (with a final shipment on the porch as I type this just waiting to head to a warehouse) and I have decided to just sit back, enjoy life, and let the sales roll in while I do.

After all, that is the reason I am doing this and not working a traditional job where I am expected to be somewhere or do something on someone else’s schedule and I am going to take advantage of it! So with that, I put my merchant fulfilled listings on “vacation mode” so no new orders can come through and I can relax knowing the FBA orders will continue to hum along without me.

From my family to yours … Happy Holidays!!! I will be back in 2015 and ready to tackle even bigger goals, grow my business to new heights, and share many more thrifting trips along the way. I hope to see you all back here in the new year!

Until then I will be off enjoying my beautiful family and all the fun of the holidays and I hope that each of you has the opportunity to do the same!

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