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Merch Update and Etsy


This week I’ve been hard at work keeping up with my 20 daily uploads and designing new shirts.  I have had two really good sales days in a row with 13 sales Monday and 13 sales Tuesday.  Still no sales on my husbands account so that is frustrating but not totally unexpected because that first tier is a tough one to get out of without purchasing the shirts yourself.

Earnings for August came out yesterday and I came in at $1451.29 for the month which will be paid out the 29th of this month.  Not terrible considering that August was a slow month for sellers across the board (due in part to the hurricanes affecting areas of the country and customer dollars being spent on back to school supplies more than novelty tshirts).

If you are following along this is how I’m doing so far:

May 2017: $15.36

June 2017: $288.76

July 2017: $1331.30

August 2017: $1451.29

This month started out very slow but I’m happy to see it picking up some now and I am expecting it to explode starting in October sometime and running through the New Year.

In other news I decided to open an Etsy shop (my first) after reading about an easy integration between Printful (another print on demand company) and Etsy.  After reading the directions it was pretty simple to set the two sites up to work with each other and since I had an invitation to join I started with 40 free listings (after that Etsy charges just 20 cents a listing so still a good deal).  I uploaded 20 of my designs to my Etsy store and almost instantly had a few people favorite them.  No sales yet but I think since Etsy has a completely different set of customers than Amazon and has it’s own organic traffic this will be a very good addition to my business.  The only drawback is that I will have to do my own customer service and returns (if there are any) because I am the seller and not Amazon as with Merch.

If you are iterested in listing some of your own Merch designs on Etsy or if you are waiting to be accepted to Merch still and want to try your hand in another market while you wait I encourage you to click this link to sign up: This link will give you 40 free listings to play with once you register (and will give me 40 free listings as the person that provided the link).

Ok, I’m off to tackle the last of that FBA pile in the basement!  Have a great day!

Stacy 🙂


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