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Laundry Woes

Today I am writing this blog post from the laundromat.  My washing machine is broken AGAIN and since it is going to take about a week to even get the part in and my family of 5 can’t go that long without clean close here I am.  I must say …. this is my first visit to a laundromat in all of my 43 years and it isn’t bad!  I love being able to do three loads at once and they have wifi here so it’s a win-win in my book!

This week was pretty uneventful as far as Amazon went.  I did manage to get the last of my FBA backlog listed but since I’m here today I won’t be getting it out to the warehouse.  By the end of next week I should be cleared of all of that and ready to start getting some new plush to pump up my inventory.

Merch is going very well these days.  You can definitely tell that 4th quarter has started because I went from a few sales a day to 10-15 most days.  My Halloween designs are doing really well too which is great to see.  Even my husbands account has 7 sales now (although 3 of them were me) so we should see him tiering up in the next week or two.  With 25 open slots on his account that will help pull in more sales there too.  I’m closing in on 800 total sales so if this trend stays steady with an average of 10 a day I should be there by the end of October as I hoped and ready to tier up to 2000.  Once I’m there I can upload 40 a day and I will be working hard to fill every last slot and provide as many options as possible for the holiday rush.

Last year Amazon got overwhelmed with orders and closed down any new submissions, tier ups, etc from around December 5th to January 13th.  Hopefully they learned a lesson and are better prepared to handle it this year but just in case I’m preparing myself for the possibility that there might be a freeze in another couple months.  Once that happens you can’t even edit shirts so whatever price the shirt is at is where it will stay.

I’ve started a third tier pricing strategy with my shirts so that I am priced as well as possible this season.  I start the shirts at $19.99 (which earns me about $5.69 a shirt), then once they sell once I move the price to $21.99 (which earns me about $7.39 a shirt), and now I will be moving the price to $23.99 if a shirt sells a lot, has really good BSR, or gets a review (this will earn me $9.09 a shirt).  I already did this with a Halloween best seller and the next morning had 6 orders for that shirt at the new $23.99 price so it didn’t seem to hurt sales any.

I also learned a hard lesson this week.  Recently Amazon updated the TOS (Terms of Service) to prohibit any promises of quality or delivery times in the listings.  I think this makes sense because promising short delivery or certain quality that the customer might not agree with just leads to headaches.  When I first started listing I was using the words high quality in my bullets on occaision and when I edited an older shirt this week it was rejected twice before I figured out that was the problem.  Since rejections are NOT good I will be extra careful to read through the entire listing when I do edits and make sure this doesn’t happen again going forward.

Well, I guess that is it for me.  I’m going to work on some designs while I wait for my clothes to wash.  Have a fabulous weekend!

Stacy 🙂

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