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Jill asks – I answer!

Today’s question is a great one about pricing and comes from a new reader named Jill.

Jill writes:

“Hi, Stacy. I just read your book, Amazon Mom, and have purchased a few things at a couple of thrift stores in my area. I now want to sell them on Amazon but I’m not sure how to set the price. I read your chapter on Pricing, but other than saying price it at $35 or higher, how do you know how much “higher” to price something especially if it would be the only one of its kind on Amazon?
Thanks for your help. Great book!”

Thank you for you question, Jill!

I wish I had a definite, one size fits all answer for you but, the truth is that it really depends on the item. If there are other non-FBA sellers priced under $35 I won’t usually go over that price point. If there are no other offers for the item on Amazon at all then I’ll usually start at $45. I do research on those kinds of items other places – mostly Ebay – and if I see the completed sales on Ebay have gone for a much higher amount I’ll price around wherever that is and probably slightly higher since I am the only one offering it on Amazon.

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  1. Thanks, again, Stacy! LOVE your blog 🙂

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