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It’s Friday and I am DONE!!

After many weeks I finally got everything that I had to go to Amazon into boxes and onto the porch for pickup.  Woohoo!!  It was a huge task that took FOREVER but now that it is done I feel like a big weight has been lifted off me.

Before I got to work on the shipments I made one final trip over to Savers to see what goodies I could score to add to the inventory going out.  I did ok.  I would have done better but somehow that 20% coupon they told me I had dissapeared in the system so I didn’t save any money.  🙁

I listed 14 items which cost me $52.92.  The sales value is $400.99 and once they sell I will net $239.78 for my efforts this morning.

Now onto the big shipment.  Lots of boxes.  Lots of warehouses.  All in all it looks like this:

Total items sent in: 255

Total buy cost: $639.82

Total sales value: $6442.58

Total net profit: $3907.54

So, just shy of $4,000.  That will go join the inventory that I already have sitting over there and hopefully convert to sales in the next month as Amazon starts to go crazy.

All that sorting, packing, taping, and lifting reminded me again how other than the shopping (which I love) I really don’t enjoy doing FBA so much anymore.  I am thankful that Merch is starting to really take off and hopeful that once I am at tier 2000 (anytime now Amazon, hint hint hint) and then beyond 4th quarter when I should have enough sales to move to tier 4000 it really should replace FBA.  And even better it is a year round income not one that is mainly in the Fall and Winter because it is a business that I can easily work year round (vs. taking summers off like I had to with FBA).  And once I get my husbands account scaled up then we should really be in business.

That isn’t to say I’m shutting down FBA but I think I am going to start looking into a model where I can sell on FBA without every actually having to touch the product.  I had a lot of success with wholesale and I think that is the avenue I will be exploring but instead of having the products sent to me I want them sent directly to the Amazon warehouse.  I might even look into Private Label again since my first attempt with that ended with Amazon losing the entire box of stuff I sent in.  It’s definitely something to look at after the holidays so I’ll revisit this idea in January and February and share any developments.

For now I’m strictly focusing on Merch and enjoying my family and the holiday season.  I’ll pop in now and then with Merch updates (the earnings report is out for October so I’ll be posting about that soon) but for the time being I’m giving FBA a rest.

Have a wonderful weekend and a great Thanksgiving if I am not back before then!


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