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It’s almost time!!! School starts in two days and this Momma gets back to work!

Hi guys!

It was a wonderful summer but I’m ready for the kids to head back to school and to get back to a regular work schedule. And back to thrifting!! I’ll still be including wholesale as part of my business model and I re-opened my grocery orders again … but let’s face it: Thrifting is, and always will be, my true love.

So starting on Wednesday after the bus drives off with my kiddos I’ll be heading to the GoodWills. I have a Kindergartener this year which means half days and limited time on my hands to hit the stores but I will do what I can and try to work out some sort of schedule over the next couple weeks.

Check this space later in the week for the return of “Today’s Haul” posts and much, much more as we head into 4th Quarter.

In the meantime I thought it would be a good time to touch back on some of my favorite services without which my business wouldn’t run nearly as smoothly as it does. These companies help me deal with the details so that I can spend my time doing more of what I love (thrifting) and less of what I don’t (bookkeeping, pricing, etc). Today I want to highlight the company that helps me keep my all important feedback rating where it needs to be (currently I have a 99% rating on Amazon which is excellent).

Feedback Five (originally Posted October 28, 2014)

One of the hardest things to get as a seller on Amazon is feedback. If you are used to selling on Ebay where feedback is standard this may come as a big surprise, but getting Amazon customers to leave feedback can be like pulling teeth. Amazon does send out emails to help you along which is nice but unfortunately doesn’t seem to have a big effect.

I think part of the problem is that especially as an FBA seller in the customers eyes you really are Amazon and not your own company. And therefore they just tend to receive the item as they expect and move on with their lives.

The problem with this is that your feedback score is VERY important and a metric Amazon uses to review your status as a seller on their site. And while customers won’t often leave good feedback you can bet that if there is any kind of problem they will let you know with a negative review. Hopefully, if you are a reputable seller the mistakes will be few but they happen to the best of us and can be devastating if not balanced out with a lot of positive feedback.

So what is a seller to do? I use Feedback Five.

Their software will automatically solicit feedback from customers, review negative and neutral feedbacks received, monitor trends, request removal of negative feedbacks, and more. They offer a variety of different packages ,priced from $9.99 a month to $99.99 a month, depending on how many emails you want sent on your behalf and what services you desire. The best part is that they offer a forever free “lite” plan where they will send out 50 emails a month for you – totally free. This is what I used for a long time because who can’t use a little extra help and the price is right! But, be aware that with the lite plan they only send emails on your merchant fulfilled orders. Plans including FBA orders start at only $19.99 a month and include a whopping 750 emails a month.

I can tell you that even the lite plan made a big impact on my feedback. I sell a percentage of my orders as merchant fulfilled and although I do include a post card with the orders (FYI: you can ONLY do this with MF orders not FBA) it is rare anyone actually follows through with feedback. But, I have found that the post card and then follow up email from Feedback Five a little after nudges them into it and it has helped my numbers a lot.

More recently I upgraded to the Standard plan to include the FBA orders and the results there have also been great. Before I usually only heard from FBA customers if there was a problem. This is because on FBA orders Amazon is supposed to handle the customer service and they don’t give customers a way to easily contact you directly. If they did most of the time negative feedback could be avoided totally and problems worked out between you and your customer before they escalate to negative feedback. But, with Feedback Five contacting them for me and giving them that way to not only directly contact me if there is a problem but also reminding them that I am a seller and not just Amazon it has been an overwhelming success. Feedback is gold and that makes the $19.99 fee totally worth it to me.

If you want to try them out for yourself just pop on over to And if you tell them that the Amazon Mom sent you by entering code FB5-AZMOM you will receive a free 30 day trial instead of the normal 14 day offered on their website. Enjoy!!!

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